AliciaC on HubPages
AliciaC on HubPages

A lot of us have been on HubPages for so long, we forget what it is like to get started.  This makes the viewpoint of new Hubbers, such as AliciaC, all the more valuable.  We sat down with this online writer and high school teacher to get her take on the HubPages experience.

HubPages: What initially brought you to HubPages?

AliciaC: I had been interested in HubPages for some time, since it seemed like a fun and friendly site and a useful place to earn money from writing. However, I found that people had already created Hubs about the topics that interested me. I had written an article about quinine and was about to submit it to another site. At the last minute I did a search for “quinine” at HubPages. To my amazement, no one seemed to have written about the subject, so I registered at HubPages, reformatted the article and then submitted it. Now I realize that even if someone else has created a Hub about a certain topic there’s always new information that can be written about that subject.

You share on your profile that you have a biology degree and teach high school biology, chemistry, physics, and science. Those are a lot of subjects! Is one a favorite of yours to teach?

Although I like all the sciences, my favorite is biology, and has been since childhood.

How many of your Hubs have been inspired by your education and teaching life?

My interests, education and teaching topics all mesh together. I did write one Hub because I was teaching that topic at the time, but usually I choose a topic because it interests me and because it seems to have some income potential. Most of my Hubs are about health, biology and nature, but I’ve also started to submit creative writing to HubPages.

Do you think HubPages could ever be used as an educational tool for schools and universities?

Yes, definitely, as long as the Hubs are interesting for students and the facts that are stated in the Hub are correct. My students love elements like pictures, videos, animations, music and interactivity when they use computers.

What are your goals with the site for the next year?

I want to write as many Hubs as possible, but I want to make them all good quality Hubs. I would also like to get enough daily impressions to make it worthwhile to apply to become an Amazon affiliate.

Last question: you write amazing, high-quality Hubs with fabulous pictures and fascinating facts. Do you have any Hub writing tips for the community at large?

Thank you! I hesitate to give writing tips, since I haven’t been doing on-line writing for very long, and my strategies won’t be the best for everybody. I have very limited time to write when I am teaching, so I can’t create Hubs very quickly. Therefore my goal is to make most of my Hubs work hard for me by doing keyword research, choosing titles carefully and making the hubs detailed and hopefully informative and interesting. I also create some Hubs that may not have much income potential, though, just for fun!

[Thanks, AliciaC!]

Though relatively new to HubPages, AliciaC is already an expert at combining interests with niche topics bearing revenue potential.  To hone your own lucrative online writing skills, check out the HubCamp section of the HubPages Learning Center.  There, you will find detailed lessons from HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson and his wife Robin Edmondson in both written and video tutorial format 😀

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One thought on “A High School Teacher Combines Interests and Income on HubPages

  1. This is one of the things that I really enjoy about HubPages is that it allows me and others to research a topic (like a research paper) and then write about it.

    It is a great way to learn….and earn!

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