Today, we’re very excited to launch Money Grows on Hubs– a HubPages contest in the Personal Finance  category.  The submission portion of the contest starts on January 3rd, but the writing and learning part starts right now!

Throughout the month of December, we’re going to help you educate yourself about Personal Finance (and writing Personal Finance Hubs!) by sharing interviews with our contest judges (who are all top Personal Finance bloggers), as well as helpful HubPages guides.

By the time January rolls around, you’ll be all set to publish amazing contest entries, which you’ll definitely want to do, seeing as there are so many amazing prizes! Be sure to Save Unpublished all of the Hubs you’re working on in December; don’t begin publishing them before January 3rd at noon Pacific Standard Time!

Each day of the contest, two winners will be announced: a Daily Drawing winner, who will be selected randomly from the day’s contest entries and be awarded $50, as well as a Staff Pick winner (judged to be the best entry of the day), who will win not only $50 but a copy of New York Times best-seller I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi, cited by The New York Times as “…[one] of the brightest minds in the world of money advice for the young.”

There are also two weekly prizes of $100 each – one (People’s Choice) based on popular votes form the community and another (Best Hub) selected from our panel of five judges.

Our Grand Prize is a whopping $500!  The final winner is selected from the month’s four Best Hub winners.

The Money Grows on Hubs contest sponsor is I Will Teach You To Be Rich, which is not only the source of the contest’s book prizes, but also some great entry inspiration.

To learn more about the contest, visit the Personal Finance topic page.

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11 replies on “Announcing the Money Grows on Hubs Contest

  1. Thats really amazing. This is the first contest I would be participating and I am so excited about it. One question though, how many entries can we submit in a day?

  2. Sounds like a challenge. I don’t think I can get 5 a day in but I’m going to shoot for at least 3 hubs on the subject. Goodluck everyone!

  3. Cool way to learn more about personal finance, increase your hubs for adsense,and maybe even win some money at the same time. Will certainly join this one.

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