We have a fun new addition to HubPages HQ this week – a HubPages sign! HubPages Secret Headquarters is now… not so secret.

It’s funny- the whole business of applying a sign to a building.  We were’nt quite sure when the professionals would come to install the sign, so we had no idea what to think when we heard hammering outside early in the morning.  Lo and behold, we opened a window and found a man holding “ages” in his hand, floating toward our third story floor in a cherry picker.

It’s always exciting to have things become more official – whether it means having articles or stories published in print, getting a first AdSense check, or having a sign installed on a building.

Hopefully HubPages can help you get to those official landmarks you’re looking for in life.  It is, after all, a great place to develop skills, get the word out, be found, and find an additional source of passive income.

Good luck with your metaphorical ‘signs’!  Perhaps just like with our physical sign, your own objectives will come hammering at your window any day now!

Posted by:HubPages Admin

14 replies on “HubPages Gets a Sign

  1. Congratulations, for you new headquarters, I hope you can publich some pics of your new office, I’m sure they will be look great, Regards Carolina

  2. Hi Simone, It’s really a colorful feather on the cap for Hub Pages!
    Colorful Congrats! Very curious to see the full picture of the sign shortly!! Cheers!!!

  3. I think the general consensus is: Pictures or it didn’t happen!! =p
    heh. That’s cool though, congrats and I’m sure it looks awesome and hopefully will bring even more talented writers to the site!

  4. Congrats!!! Does this mean that we are officially official now? We’re all excited to see the finished product now!

  5. Congratulations on your milestone. You guys deserve it for running a great ship and steering it in the direction of success. I am proud and happy to be a contributing member of the Hubs. Keep up the great work and more rewards will surely come all your way. Merry Christmas and have a prosperous and exciting New Year. Bravo

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