thisisoliThis afternoon, HubPages HQ was visited by none other than thisisoli, an Austin-based hubber who is visiting San Francisco at the end of a lovely California vacation with his wife.

thisisoli, a HubPages member of two years now, is the third hubber to visit us at 95 Minna Street.  He had a look at the office, and met the team, after which we adjourned for a great lunch at Osha.

We had a great time chatting, and learned a lot from thisisoli’s superior hubbing skills. He’s especially adept at working with Amazon and eBay capsules, and is looking forward to the holiday season, which can be quite lucrative!

thisisoli shared with us that he had originally joined HubPages looking to set down some backlinks for his wife’s website, My Vegan Planet.  After publishing some hubs, he left the site alone, but noticed after some months that a decent chuck of AdSense revenue was coming from HubPages and decided to give it a more thorough look.  Now, thisisoli has over 175 hubs and is very adept at measuring his success and finding exactly what it takes to write useful, lucrative hubs.

We were all tickled to meet a fellow hubber in person, and we look forward to meeting more of you in the future!

Thanks for stopping by, Oli!

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9 replies on “A Visit from thisisoli

  1. I just saw this as I was getting ready to shut down for the day. How exciting for thisisoli. It’s nice to see a pic of everyone. Now we’ll be looking for a hub about this trip, thisisoli!

  2. What a nice thing that you all got to meet. (Hope that was a vegan meal on that table. 🙂 , and yet I’m someone suspecting it wasn’t… )

  3. Lisa HW -hahaa, SOME of the meals were vegan… ;D

    And Garrett and lakeerieartists (and Lisa, rebekah, and KCC Big Country too!) – do stop by if you’re ever in the area!

  4. Haha, I didn’t expect to see something like this up quite so quickly!

    I had a great time in San Francisco and enjoyed meeting all the Hubpages team!

    I arrived back in to Austin at about 9PM last night and even at that time it was like walking in to a humid oven, especially after the brisk air of California!

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