Great news! The first HubCamp ever, to be held in San Francisco, will be taking place on Wednesday, October 6th, from 6:00 to 8:30pm.

The meeting of hubbers will be held in the Golden Gate Ballroom of the Serrano Hotel, which is right off Union Square and walking distance from the San Francisco bus terminal, ferry terminal, and Powell bus stops.  There’s no registration fee, so all you have to do is get there.  What’s more, Paul Edmondson will be speaking!

At HubCamp, we’ll be showing you how to become an even better hubber- and how to improve your online writing in general.  More speicifically, we’ll be covering the following topics*:

  1. Basic keyword research & How to select topics & titles
    1. basic keyword research
    2. how to select topics
    3. topics and earning potential
    4. titling for search traffic
  2. Writing an effective Hub
    1. basic tips on writing  content for an online audience
    2. the profile of an ideal Hub
      1. text length
      2. rich media capsules
      3. layout variants
  3. Attracting traffic
    1. Basic linking & Driving traffic
    2. Promotion via social media
  4. Monetizing Hubs
    1. How the program works (example, how authors are paid by google)
    2. AdSense overview
    3. Amazon and eBay

*We’re still adding the final touches to our lessons, so if there’s something else we really must cover in this lesson, let us know!

If you’re interested in attending, please email Jason Menayan.  We hope you can make it!

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10 replies on “HubCamp SF – October 6th!

  1. Hi Jason
    This is fantastic news but I am in the UK!

    Will there be any webinars that we could log into? Or a webinar recorded that we can download?

    Hope it is a huge success, would love to be able to come!

  2. Alison- we’re definitely going to have online components available!

    Research Analyst- Yay, we’re glad you’re pleased!

    And Susan Reid- We are so excited you can make it! It’ll be great fun to meet you in person!

  3. Nice–but–omission of one important detail: cost????? Need to know!

    I’m operating on a broken shoestring at the moment, and most weeks, I don’t even have enough extra for the gas and bridge toll, let alone event fees and parking fees!

  4. I posted a suggestion @ the Facebook account of HubPages. Webinars and recorded videos or even PDF will be a good source to all non-attendees like me. I hope HP Staff could visit Philippines and conduct similar HubCamp. Good luck to all!!!

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