You might remember Court from the Keyword Academy, who had a challenge with Ryan Hupfer back in April of last year. This sparked the 30-Day Challenge which continues to this day. In a recent blog post, Court reminds that he made $475 during that one-month challenge period.

But, as every veteran Hubber knows, you make the bulk of your revenue well after the period of time when you publish your Hubs. This has been true for Court as well. He reports that he has made $4,003.43 from his Hubs. Keep in mind that it’s just been a year, and we see time and time again that great-quality Hubs continue to earn for years.

While Court is a pro at identifying lucrative topics to write about, but what’s impressive is that he didn’t spend any time updating his Hubs or promoting them. The high credibility that HubPages has in search engine’s eyes—due in no small part to the efforts of Hubbers like you that flag low-quality Hubs—has helped high-quality Hubs get the attention they deserve.

Even Hubbers who don’t want to do keyword research, but would like to write about the topics they love, can earn. There are some important keys, though, to choosing a title to your Hub, and how to break up topics into separate Hubs, that will increase your traffic. Be sure to check out our Learning Center and learn these simple tricks before publishing your next Hub.

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7 replies on “The Payout Chronicles: Over $4,000 in less than one year

  1. Earning through HubPages is easy but I think it’s quite difficult to earn huge money. So, far from this post, I see court earns $4003.43 hubs which is really a big amount to earn. I don’t know how he does it.

    I write here just to spend my time when I am free. But I have a desire to earn money from here too. Currently, my aim is to earn only $100 per month. I think it’s enough at the beginning. Later I will fly with $1000.

    Those days are coming soon in my favour. I think so.

    One thing, today I first time see the Learning Center. It’s a good place to know about Hubpages.


  2. Thanks for the update Jason. I’ve been meaning to check in and see how Court is doing over there! That’s certainly an impressive and independent analysis of the power of HubPages. And I have to say that I agree with him. My hubs are only getting stronger and their earnings continue to increase and an increasing rate.

    It’s gotten to the point that I want to spend all my time working on hubs and nothing else, because I know that hubs place faster in Google than anything else I’ve got.

  3. I read Court’s blog post that he had made $4003.43 from his 100 hubs. From Hubpoages’s perspective, is this true? Because gets about 40% of the impressions, so technically should be getting at least 0.4 x ($4003.43 / 0.6) = $2668.95

    if can stand up and say yes, the earnings from Court’s 100 hubpages commensurate with what Court is saying (no need to release actual figures 🙂 ), then there will be less disbelieve in those numbers….

    can someone from make a comment on this?

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