[Editors Note – Sometimes someone forgets to refill the coffee pot at HubPages Central, and our senses get so dulled that we need to call on a guest contributor to write our blog…it gets all really stressed-out.
Lucky for us, the caffeine withdrawal happened so close to a certain holiday for lovers that we found someone that we think you’re really going to like, so without further ado…well, read on


Valentine’s day only comes once a year, and once a year, HubPages let’s yours truly, Cupid, write a post about how to keep that hunk a’ love burnin’-burnin’.
So sit back baby, turn off the lights and light a candle. Cupid’s gonna show you how it’s done right….

St. V’s on a budget

Times is tough, but that’s no reason not to show that special someone all the love you got.
For those of you on a budget, Cupid went digging through the Valentine’s archives and found a timely Hub from penny-wise Hubber Jennifer about how to have a sexy, money-saving Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Tips (and a few tricks)

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating or maybe you’re trying to still trying figure out how to express yourself to your lady or fella.
If you still haven’t planned your special night, dig what AEvans has to say in:

50 ways to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day

Get Schooled

We all know about the real St. Valentine, but have you heard the whole story? Well you better get to knowin’…

This little Hub from Stevenix2001 will make for some scintillating dinner conversation before you put your move on…

Valentine’s Day: The Myth, the history, and the facts about the holiday

And for the lovelorn…

Maybe you ain’t been hit by Cupid’s Arrow yet, or maybe you just been left behind a mean mistreater. Either way baby, I know you’ll be back in the game…I invented the game!
But don’t think I didn’t forget you. Anath has a spicy Hub for all y’all that been going through some hurt:

Why I hate Valentine’s

Like I say: ain’t nothing to it baby! Love the one you’re with, or find someone to love. Either way, I’ll see y’all next year. Be good now.

– Cupid

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5 replies on “Gettin’ busy with Cupid….rowr!

  1. Yah! The Valentine day. People really waits for this day. I see that already published some of the hubs based on the Valentine day. I missed the idea to publish at least one hub based on Valentine day. But I am not hopeless. I have a great wish to write some hubs in the next year’s valentine day.

  2. Valentine’s Day is a day or reprieve for those who have difficulty showing affection and devotion the rest of the year. You really do not see hordes of women rushing around last minute for roses and chocolates or theatre tickets or making dinner reservations. Women do not have as much of a problem in the displayed affection category the rest of the year.

  3. I just stumbled onto this site tonight; love the concept. Wish I had known! My V-Day blog observations include the latent lover’s lament called in-laws as well as gift-giving tips based on “something that says I love you like a dead mouse on the doorstep.”

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