I was poking around a few of our Hubber’s blogs/websites that are decorated with our super-sweet HubPages widget and it got me wondering about how I would even go about grabbing my own widget and why I would want to show it somehere else other than HubPages. After thinking through this and figuring it all out for myself, I thought that I would share some of my personal thoughts on the somewhat unknown, yet really cool thing otherwise known as the HubPages widget.

Why Use The HubPages Widget?
The widget that we have created for all of you Hubbers to use all over the web is designed with one main focus thing in mind — helping Hubbers share their content with their friends, family and other social connections all across the web. Our hope is that this will help build up your audience of readers as well as your fans and we also figure that if someone is a friend of a great Hubber, then they could potentially be interested in becoming a really great Hubber, too.

How Many Hubbers Are Currently Using The HubPages Widget?
For me, it was pretty hard to even find where I could grab the code for my own HubPages widget, which made me curious to find out exactly how many Hubbers have found theirs and are currently using it on thier blog or website. Well, according to our reports there are currently almost 1200 Hubbers whose widgets are getting viewed nearly 500,000 times each week, which actually kind of surprised me (in a good way). I guess that some of the other Hubbers out there are just a lot smarter than I am? 🙂

How Do We Find Our Own HubPages Widget Code?
– To find your own widget code, you first need to go to your HubPages profile page (which you can get to by clicking the ‘My Profile’ link once you’re logged in), so mine would be found at this URL: http://hubpages.com/profile/Ryan+Hupfer.

– After you get to you your main profile page, then click on the ‘Add USERNAME’s widget to your website’ link, as shown below.

– On this screen you will be able to customize your widget so that it looks the way that you like and so that it fits nicely on your website or blog. The widget customization page is shown below.

– Once you’re happy with the way that your widget looks, copy the HTML code in the text box that’s beneath where it says ‘Paste the HTML below into your website or blog:‘ and then paste it anywhere on your blog or website where widgets are allowed.

I hope that this blog post helps all of you see why the HubPages widget is something that you should all think about adding to your other websites, blogs, etc. and if you do choose to add it, I also hope that this will help you figure out how to actually add it. Any questions, please let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to help you out!

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22 replies on “Do You Widget? Some Thoughts And Ramblings About The Hubpages Widgety Goodness

  1. Thank you – this was incredibly helpful 🙂 I have spent hours trying to use this…without success.
    I am new to HubPages, but I love i!
    Thank you, Holly

  2. I have been using the widget since long and have witnessed some great benefits including new sigh-up, more page views and eventually increase in online income.

  3. Wow. I am so stupid. I had no idea this was even possible. I guess I don’t look at my own profile close enough to notice this. Thanks for sending the newsletter and including this post. It was easy to place on my blog. Too bad I’m too stupid to notice.

  4. I use the widget on my blogger account. I’m going to see if the widget will work on my MySpace account. Thanks for the great article! It’s a good reminder to use the widget more!

  5. I like using the little HP buttons too. Not sure what the HP widget even looks like or did I miss it? that wouldn’t be new, 😛 lol 🙂

  6. thank you for the post on how to insert the hub pages widget onto my blog. I wondered how that was done. The steps you outlined were easy to follow.
    my hub name attractnmarketing but wish I could change that.

  7. @Dorsi

    As far as I know, the HP widget doesn’t work on MySpace or any of those sites.

    I’ve been using both my widgets on my blog for nearly a year now. The one that you’ve demonstrated here looks a little different though, Ryan. Maybe I should try and copy it again and put the HTML in my blog to see the difference.

  8. This is teriffic, I looked at my widget last night but couldn’t decide where to post it, so went on to something else. I do have another question though. Where do you find the smiley faces? If you have time to answer it will be appreciated. I am not completely lost!

  9. Hey thank you for the tip. Still, I am confused about from where the code comes? I’ve been hubbing for maybe 12 days and have finally figured out photo plaement. I had no idea really about widgets. I personally just post my hubs to FB abd BLogger and Twitter. Please write me back, as the widget thing/html code seems a bit difficult to me still. XOXO Mystic Amy
    AKA: Amy Frerichs-Soukup

  10. Hi thanks for the info. I’ve been hubbing for 2 weeks and have checked out the widget and the “copying other peoples’ widgets”, under their profile. I just have no idea where to place the HTML code once I have copied it! Could you kindly tell me where to paste it, say, on Hubpages for my articles and stories to boost viewing or on my blog, FB or anywhere else it can be pasted? Thanks, Darlin.
    Mystic- Amy
    AKA: Amy Frerichs-Soukup, M.A.

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