Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past several months and only decide to poke your head out when publishing a Hub, you’ve probably noticed the amazing work of the HubNuggets Team, which has been led by the one and only Canadian sensation herself, Shirley Anderson. Each and ever week they scour through literally thousands of potential HubNuggets to find the 10 HubHugget Wannabes that get posted for the weekly vote. Of course, they all have a lot of fun cooking up the hot, fresh and tasty HubNuggets each week, but they also put in a lot of time and effort to make sure that the best possible Hubbers and HubNugget Hubs get showcased each week.

Well, due to some new time constraints and responsibilities that a couple members of our HubNugget Team have recently run into (one involved a lot of partying, so please don’t feel too bad for them), we all have decided that it would be great to bring on a couple more superstar Hubbers to help us keep this HubNugget train a rollin’. When I asked for potential suggestions of who we should add to the team, it didn’t take long for two specific Hubber’s names to be mentioned and I’m now happy to officially announce that those two Hubbers, RedElf and Zsuzsy Bee** have accepted our invite and are now getting up to speed on all things HubNuggets!

If you’d like to see the current roster of HubNuggeteers, be sure to check out the freshly updated HubNuggets How-To, Q & A.

**Although I feel that the new HubNugget Team selections are nothing short of spectacular and fantastic, I can’t help but think that it’s a part of a Canadian takeover scheme that’s slyly being crafted by Shirley. Or, maybe I’m just being too paranoid? You make the call.

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10 replies on “RedElf And Zsuzsy Bee Join The HubNuggets Team!

  1. Paranoid? Perish the thought! You gotta keep your eyes on those norther borders…you just never know what those overly polite, letter writing Canucks are up to…
    And may I be one of the first to offer my congratulations to Zsusy Bee and RedElf! From one Canuck to another – Way to go eh?

  2. We love that Zsuzsy Bee and RedElf agreed to join us! These two talented ladies are such great hubbers and a ton of fun, too. The team was phenomenal with four hubbers, it is going to absolutely ROCK with five.

    Re the Canadian takeover…………………….nothing.

    Just ignore all the extra ‘U’s in some of the hubs as they certainly are not indicators of a coup. Right, Special Agents Bee and Elf?

  3. Thanks for the welcome guys. I’m really looking forward to my role as Hubnugget Picker.

    Canadian takeover ????????? I don’t know vat you’re talking about. I kno nutting….

    Shirley this is for your eyes only… (code word…HPcoup, ze plan is in place and ze location is secured…)

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