I was reading this post over on Mashable.com about how Volkswagen has created a couple of major viral video hits that have already received tons of views from people catching the buzz about the new Fun Theory idea and website that they’ve put together. The videos basically show how various behaviors and habits can be changed if a little bit when fun is injected into the various situations.

Although I feel like no real behaviors or habits have been changed with these experiments (I would think that the results are only temporary in most cases), it did get me to thinking about how adding our own types of fun could potentially make some of the things that we while we’re on HubPages just a little more exciting. Of course, there have already been a few examples of these fun-generating things already being added to HubPages, things such as the HubMob, the 30 Day HubChallenge and voting on the weekly serving of HubNuggets. But, I still think that there can be even better ways for us to increase the amount of fun that we have here on HubPages, I’m just not really sure what those ways are yet. Maybe you can help me out by leaving some ideas for boosting up the fun a bit around here in the comments? I’ll give you a couple of my wacky (yet fun) ideas under the videos below:

How we could increase the fun on HubPages:

  1. Make the writing process more social somehow and allow others to see not just what you’ve published, but what you’re actually working on at the moment in real-time
  2. Allow for Hub-collaboration, meaning that one Hubber could write half of a Hub and another Hubber couls write the other half with them both sharing the earnings generated
  3. The ability to share and collaborate from the capsule level
  4. Much, more more Larry (which we added into our category tool a few months back)

Those are a few of the ideas that I can come up with off the top of my head, but as I come up with more ways to make HubPages more fun I’ll be sure to let you know all about them. Also, any ideas that you have to increase the fun, be sure to post them in the comments below!

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4 replies on “Why Making Things More Fun Always Helps

  1. I was thinking of doing some crazy videos about a hubpage adventure, just something I was thinking of whilst dancing at my local supermarket, so that could be fun.

    I like the first one about others seeing what you are working on, as they just might come back and check it out when you’ve finally published.

    I see the potential with videos, so something along the lines of adding more features to videos somehow…. er I’m no good with suggestions!

  2. Many forums allow you to see what other logged in users are doing, so the first idea would be interesting. Are you reading the forums, if so which thread? Are you making a hub, answering a request, asking a question, leaving someone fan mail. What are you doing?

    But where would that info go? It may clutter up where ever it is put.

    I’d like another contest, but instead of who can make the most hubs or who can reach their goals, who can make the most updates on their hubs and who can increase traffic the most. I’m not sure if that could be monitored on a HP level, but hubbers could monitor it on their own.

  3. I’ve been thinking about a virtual game around the idea of a marketing funnel. Like the game my kids had that was a funnel shaped marble race, that was a lot of fun. I like the idea of playing the finish that hub game, could be loads of fun.

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