Yep, it’s true and you heard it from Frank first — HubPages is getting ready to bust through the 500,000 Hub mark here sometime in the very, very near future (like tomorrow). As of the writing of this blog post we are at 498,349 Hubs (you can see the official up-to-date count on our stats page), so it won’t take too much longer to bust through that 500k mark.

I guess now the only question is when exactly will we publish the 500,000th Hub? Feel free to comment below with your guess (day and time, PST) and we’ll update this post with the winner, along with a link to their HubPages profile. I’m going to guess that we’ll hit it at 6:37pm tomorrow. But hey, that’s just me.

When do you think we’ll hit 500k?

UPDATE: It looks like a emievi came closest to guessing the day and time, which was right after 6pm on September 22nd.

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18 replies on “Frank (our HubPages mascot) Has An Official Announcement To Make

  1. I think with this listing, everyone will be posting like crazy to try and be the 500,000th.

    My guess is 12:43pm tomorrow.

  2. I’d be more interested in who actually posts the 500,000th hub versus when…

    Please post who, if you’re able to get that. It’d be interesting to see.

    As of right now, it’s 499,131. I think it’ll be sooner than you think. I’d guess by 10:30ish today.

  3. So the 500,000 barrier is going to crash finally.Hats off to all of us.For me it’s an important moment of celebration.When the magical figure is left behind is not so important as to who shall be that hubber(I can already envision Hubber Shinu John2008)burning rhe midnight oil and working overtime with his Aunty blogs to win the crown)..
    Let’s give Hubs a standing ovation for being on the brink of the half million mark.Wonder when Adsense will start making the backdated payments to us pen-pushers(or shud we be called mouse pushers instead?
    The Lip

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