This morning when I cam into the office, I made a quick stop by the kitchen and when I did a couple of Post-It notes that were stuck on two boxes of tea that were on the counter just happened to grab my attention. As I leaned in closer to take a look at them I noticed that they were written by the one and only George Edmondson, who is not only our office manger (he makes sure that stuff gets done around here), but also the father of Paul Edmondson, who is one of our three original HubPages founders (see the History of HubPages Hub for more info). Here is what each of the notes had written on them (pay no attention to the 70s-esque, yellow laminate counter top):

If you can’t read it in the image above, it says:


I know a person who helped develop this tea, and I would like to write a Hub about it. Let me know what you think.


Where most people would probably just see this as just another note, to me it shows that all of us here at HubPages not only work here as employees, but most of us also love to write here (I know, I know, Paul Deeds only has 1 Hub to his name, but he doesn’t count). In the industry they call that “Eating one’s own dog food“, or something like that. Anyways, it made me happy this morning, so I thought that I would pass it along — enjoy!

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7 replies on “An Awesome Note I Found In Our Kitchen This Morning

  1. Well I work for a large accounting firm in the Tax department and do my own taxes – not sure if that’s ‘Eating one’s own dog food’ or just ‘glutton for punishment’!

  2. What a nice note to wake up to better yet to realize what a gift was given to you. It’s is the smallest things that often make the greatest impact. Thanks for reminding me to keep an eye out of the small and simple things that inspire wonder. Thanks for sharing.

  3. “Eating one’s own dog food”, a very powerful statement. If you don’t want to taste your creation, how can you expect the public to buy into it. I think it’s great that almost everyone at HubPages love to write. It makes you more accessable to members. It is much better than calling and having to go through a whole list of menus, only to be told please leave a message. I am looking forward to George’s Hub.

  4. I’m just wondering if the person who helped make that tea was Brigitte Mars, Herbalist, AHG of Boulder, CO (an original Celestial tea formulater and founder of Sereni’tea Herbs, or is it Drake Saddler of Traditional Medicinals Tea, or is it a friend whom I would have no clue as to their presence on this earth?

    The two I mentioned have exceptionally interesting stories, hippies done good with high integrity and a mightly work ethic.


  5. I think its not a matter of who developed that tea but who would agree to drink it? You write and write, you’re sure they…. will read it – but why don’t you taste your own stuff before you serve it to the public???!?!?

  6. …and that show just what makes this place so special! Whatever else it may be (a money making venture for thee and me), it is first and foremost a site for writers, by writers – love it here!

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