Yesterday marked the death of one of the most influential people in the history of music, Michael Jackson. At the young age of 50 the King of Pop died suddenly after being rushed to a hospital after suffering a heart attack. Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave I’m sure you’ve noticed the public response to this tragedy has been nothing short of amazing and although his life has also been full of some not-so-good scandals and legal issues, it’s good to see that upon his death everyone’s remembering him for the worldwide icon and voice of a generation that he was to many us (including myself).

All of this Internet activity also got me wondering how many new Michael Jackson related Hubs had been published since the news of his death had broke yesterday afternoon. After doing a little bit of research and after a few searches I estimate that there has been over 150 new Hubs published on the King of Pop. I guess that’s our HubPages way to saying goodbye to a guy who has impacted so many lives — good thing that all of his music will still live on forever.

p.s. The guy sure was a showman, eh? — wow.

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45 replies on “The Michael Jackson Hubs Flood In Quickly

  1. Rightly so too, Michael Jackson was the Ultimate Performer. It was all abou the music, the short films, the dance moves, the great entrepreneurial business ventures & the humanitarian efforts that make Michael Jackson a Legend.

  2. There are many hubs with tributes, my husband will be in attendance at his funeral and he cried like a baby when he got the call from a family member. What a sad day, however Michael will always and forever be loved by millions. Gone but never forgotten.

  3. His style of music, the videos and imaginations were so unique. Hmm! His “death and broke” that 25th June afternoon was a sad end.

  4. He will be remembered as one of the great. It is not just about his music, it’s about how he leads his life full with passion to what he was doing.

    Michael, I salute you!

    Rest in peace and God bless.

  5. A week has passed and I still don’t believe it.. Michael jackson died? every day I cry my eyes out. I love him since I was 4 or 5.he was the best ever.Nobody can ever replace him. how can I forget this bad news? He passed away on my husband’s birthday. MICHAEL FOREVER!!!!!

  6. Definitely will be missed by many! The web searches on Michael must be at a staggering number. I published an MJ related hub myself. I also did an Examiner article about him – and it was by far the most traffic I’ve ever had on any of my articles. Pageviews were rolling in immediately and have continued to do so. Twitter nearly broke down when everybody started hearing about his being rushed to the hospital and began tweeting their concerns. Yep, I heard it first on Twitter. CNN has nothing on them. 🙂 Michael will certainly not be forgotten.

  7. i was a class mate of Jackie &Rebbie Jackson ,i remenber them performing at Gary Roosevelt ,they were electric,i like many other’s in Gary were very proud when they signed with Motown,now as many other’s we in Gary will miss Michael live performances ,but we have his memories forever

    ebc (Ethel)

  8. I think it is awsome how hubbers have shown their love for michael jackson and contributed some amazing tributes to his life and music, it is such a sad time for the entertainment industry.

  9. Michael Jackson is a God gifted and talented man. He is a true artist for this planet earth. He will be loved by his fan forever. God Bless You Michael. Rest In Peace Legend. I love You So Much

  10. Words cannot express the sadness felt for Michael Jackson. He was so adorable and loved when he made Bille Jean. Thanks for this video. It is hard to see a person who has reached such heights in stardom, was not able to move ahead of his problems.
    God Bless him. He will continue to be loved in his music.

  11. Michael Jackson was a good singer when he was young. Later on he was entertainer first, singer second. People were drawn to his outlandish outfits and his outlandish image. King of pop? no there are much better pop signers who dress more conservatively because they are about signing not not about outlandishness. However this is tragic and I hope his family is pulling through. I send them my regards.

  12. Hey he would not want you to remember that he was the greatist pop artist
    But that he is and always will be the king of pop and the best ever even though
    I haven’t been here the whole time bui I think i know enough to say that
    He would be missed and forever loved for the great music he. Made

  13. I am sooo upset by his death, i never appreciated his songs until now…ive been listening to them everyday. He was sooo sweet and beautiful as a child and teen and then he just went tooo far…i gues thats wat happens when u get famous…u start doin crazy things..i hope that my grief will pass and i hope that i can slowly move on in life.

  14. I still can’t believe some people still have stoned hearts and can’t see the reality, MJ was an innocent and has been unfair from other horrible people their job in life is to make other people’s life a hell. Just think of how many poor people MJ helped. He is not only an entertainer but he was a great man with a great aimed songs.

    I will always love you Michael and I will never believe what horrible things have been said about you. R.I.P

  15. June 25th 2009…..a sad day for the world and a day I will not forget as it was my sons 18th birthday!!
    Rest in peace

  16. i will always luv micheal jackson. I want all the pesons making false allegation against him to stop so that his family can find closure. i will alwys remember him for all the doors he has opened for me as an individual of ‘colour’. THANK U MICHEAL AND THE JACKSON FAMILY.

  17. i miss him so much i was so sad when he die i wish i could of said good bye LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON

  18. i miss him so much he was more then a person he was a dad, a singer, and he was some one that we look up to its to bad that hes gone but we all know that hes at a better place RIP Michael Jackson

  19. Michael Jackson will be missed, but his music will live on. He is a legend. I have written several hubs about him and a few that were inspired by him. I just hope the family can find the closure that they need. It is a sad time.

  20. he was definitely one of the most sensitive souls that resided on the planet… :o(

    it’s all very sad..

    i/we only hope that michael can now finally fly free…

    …fly free dear michael… fly free!

  21. i will always remember michael as one of the most painful product of racism. people should consider him a legend and a lesson for it was racism that pushed him to want to loose his his black colour just to appear white.

  22. i loved him, even though i never got a chance to meet him i do believe since he died he has been living in my heart and i feel like i am flying with him

  23. Lol,I admire Michael Jackson! He was the most talented to ever do it! We will never ever have someone like MJ! RIP to the KING!

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