Man, I love this job. Each day you never know what interesting person you’re going to meet and who you’re going to be able to connect with from who knows where. Thanks to the good ol’ Interwebs, the HubPages community is made up of awesome people from all over the world, which makes it even more interesting that I had a new Hubber actually stop by the HubPages HQ today so that she could get a quick lesson in all things Hubbing.

Her name is Annette and her HubPages profile is Falcon Flyer. Currently she doesn’t have anything set up on her profile yet and she doesn’t have any Hubs published, but now that she’s been given the HubPages 101 by yours truly, I’m sure you’ll be seeing her Hubs in no time. She’s planning on writing about topics that have to do with teaching (she taught for several years), subliminal information (she knows her stuff) and traveling (she’s been to Maui 5 times). Be sure to keep your eye on her, she’s bound to be a superstar Hubber before we know it.

Me, Frank and Annette pose for a great shot

Posted by:HubPages Admin

6 replies on “A Soon-To-Be Hubber Superstar Stops By The HubPages HQ For Some One-On-One Help

  1. Good for you Annette for going to the source before you got started. That’s a cool place to begin with. Very interesting to watch your progress from here. Have a blast sharing your passion.

  2. welcome and good luck. I have learned alot since joinging a few months ago. I think you will find most everything yu need to become a good writer. whether you make any money will depend on how well you set up your pages to get traffic. Stop by sometime, I will be looking for your insights. You couldn’t have picked a better place to get your ideas out there.

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