We’ve been working hard on a new redesign and I wanted to give you a quick look at what all we’ve been improving. A majority of the changes are design-based, but we have also added some pretty sweet features that should make your HubPages experience even better (and you didn’t even know that was possible, right?). I posted a really in-depth post over in our forums about what to expect when these changes officially take place, so check it out when you get a chance and please give us your feedback once you notice that the new design is in full effect.

I also recorded the screencast that you see below so that you can see some of the changes first hand while I try to explain them all with a little bit of sweet voice over work. It’s about 5 minutes long and it explains pretty much all of the new parts of the redesign, but I’m sure I missed a few (hey, no one’s perfect).

Posted by:HubPages Admin

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