I’ve been spending some time over on Facebook here lately with a mission of figuring out a good way to utilize the power and reach of Facebook’s Fan Pages to help spread the word about the awesome things that we’re doing over here on HubPages. From a word-of-mouth perspective, Facebook certainly has the ability to help get HubPages in front of a lot of new people, which could end up attracting more potential Hubber-rockstars (and this is never a bad thing).

If you’re a Hubber and you haven’t checked out our Facebook Fan Page yet, be sure to give it a look over here and become a fan when you get a chance. Also, if you think that you have other Facebook friends who would like to become a Hubber, feel free to tell them to become a fan, too! (why not, right?)

Posted by:HubPages Admin

One thought on “Are You A Fan Of HubPages? Well, Prove It!

  1. This is a great thing to have a facebook page, I know that it will help attract some star freelancers to hubpages.

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