Each week a super-cool and mountain-bike-loving Hubber funride selects 10 well-written and high quality Hubs that have been published within the last few weeks by a new Hubber. He then publishes a Hub that includes links to each of the 10 that he chooses, as well as a brief summary of each and a Poll Capsule that allows the HubPages community to vote for their favorite.

After a few days of voting we choose the 5 Hubs with the highest amount of votes and these Hubs are magically turned into our HubNuggets of the week, which means that they get sent out in the weekly newsletter that reaches over 40,000 active Hubbers. It gives the new Hubbers some great exposure and a little reward for publishing some great content all while giving the community a good sense of what we here at HubPages feel like are great examples of quality Hubs. We have a lot of fun with it and it’s a great way to get to know some of our best, new Hubbers.

Well, today I decided that I should probably do more than just send these out in the newsletter each week and let everyone on the Interwebs get a taste of the delicious HubNuggets, too. The 5 winning HubNuggets for this week are listed below — be sure to give them a read if you have a minute, they’re all 100% pure super-HubNuggety-awesomeness.

  1. The Dance Bars Were Shut Down In Bombay. After That… [view]
  2. Top Ten Things To Consider Before Becoming an Exotic Dancer [view]
  3. Learn a New Language in 2009 [view]
  4. Ways the Economy has Changed America [view]
  5. Greek History: Lesson 2–The Formation of the Polis [view]
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