As I was browsing the web today (aka ‘working’), I decided to see what Rockin Joe was up to over on his HubPages tribute site — the cleverly named Once I was on the site I quickly noticed that he had done something on his own that was pretty sweet. he had taken it upon himself to interview HOUELLEBECQ, one of the more interesting Hubbers that he’s seen publishing lately.

One of HOUELLEBECQ’s Hubs titled Top 10 Things To Consider Before Becoming an Exotic Dancer was selected as one of the 10 potential HubNuggets this week that get sent out in the newsletter every Wednesday and for one reason or another it caught Rockin Joe’s attention. Check out the interview that he gave HOUELLEBECQ over here when you get a chance and while you’re at it go place your vote for the potential HubNuggets, too. I mean, it is your Hubber-given right.

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