According to Quantcast, at some point during the holidays we officially broke through to the top 200 most trafficked websites in the United States (we’re #192 as of this writing). This is an amazingly awesome accomplishment for me and the rest of the team here who work each day to continue to keep HubPages the best place to write on the web and it’s also a testament to the quality of Hubbers that have been writing original and informative content every single day.

At this pace we’ll break through the top 100 sometime in the next few months, which will be an even bigger deal. The top 100 is a lofty goal, but it’s where we all think we belong. Here’s to continuing to help HubPages grow and grow and grow and grow in 2009 – it’s going to be a fun year.

I think that it’s time for The Jefferson’s theme song:

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