Today we announced a new Milestones feature that adds some sweet, new bling to all of our Hubtivity streams, which shows all of the activity of the Hubbers that I’m a fan of. This gives a whole new life to all of our Hubtivity streams and we rolled this new feature out for a few specific reasons:

  1. We wanted to be able to highlight and showcase more of the amazing Hubbers that we currently have publishing. This will give some of our better, but lesser known Hubbers more face time with the community.
  2. We wanted to reward and recognize the Hubbers that are making significant contributions to HubPages on a consistent basis. These Milestones allow us to better show our hardest working Hubbers how much we appreciate them.
  3. James, our rockstar designer, simply had the urge to sketch up some old school looking medals, so we thought that this was the best way to let him do it. He’s odd like that sometimes, but that’s why we keep him around.
Posted by:HubPages Admin

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