One of our more outspoken and sometimes entertainingly controversial Hubbers Hal Licino just published a Hub that I think is definitely worth reading called Writing Hubs With Legs. The Hub tells all about Hal’s experience with writing Hubs that have long term traffic(and earning) potential and what he thinks has made some of his Hubs last longer than others when it comes to attracting searc traffic.

Some of the main nuggets of HubPages awesomeness that I pulled from Hal’s Hub are:

  • It’s important to write with respect and care for your potential readers. Don’t be scammy or have intentions to trick your audience.
  • Writing what we here at HubPages call ‘Evergreen’ Hubs, or Hubs that are relevant for longer than a short period of time are more effective at generating long term traffic than more timely/news related Hubs. Some of Hal’s Hubs, such as How To Turn Off Vista’s Useless Junk And Speed Up Your PC, have seen consistent traffic for over two years now.
  • Sometimes you get some surprises when you start writing about the things that you simply enjoy writing about. This has happened with Hal’s Hub that’s titled The Secret To Making The Best Braciole On Earth that’s all about an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond that Hal happened to think was hilarious. Every time that this particular episode runs on TV Hal always sees a major spike in traffic.If you take a look at the diagram to the right, that’s an actual screenshot of the traffic spikes that Hal’s Hub sees each time that the Everyone Loves Raymond episode reruns on TV. As you can see, it’s quickly building up some momentum and each time that the episode airs, it builds on the amount of overall traffic that it’s seeing on a day-to-day basis.

Thanks to Hal for sharing all of this insight and hopefully it helps all of you Hubbers out there better understand how to give your Hubs some serious legs in 2009 and beyond.

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