But What About the Mouse?

The Night Before Christmas, one of the world’s most popular Santa Claus stories, prominently mentions a mouse in its opening sentence… but leaves it at that. Not satisfied with that ever-so-brief reference, cherylone decided to add some backstory to this holiday classic, and A Christmas Mice Story was born.

We hope you enjoy this special holiday edition of the Fascinating Fiction podcast (A Christmas Mice Story), and encourage you to stop by cherylone’s original Hub as well. It’s very sweet and a fun spinoff of a classic tale.

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The Boy, the Butterfly, and the Broken Wing

This week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast comes in poem form, but is definitely a short story, and a profound one at that! The Boy, the Butterfly, and the Broken Wing by Mrs. Menagerie is a sweet story inspired by a real life experience she shared with her son.

Have a look at the original Hub to read the poem/story. It is very touching!

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Evil Thoughts

Some of my favorite stories are very short- one needn’t create a novel to prompt a reader to think, escape, or react!

Evil Thoughts (alternately titled Could It Be?), by SpanStar, consists of a dialogue between a human and the Ultimate Evil. SpanStar submitted his own recording of the story, so we have the extra benefit of listening to a story read by its very author. Though the recording is short, I particularly love its ending.

Thanks for the story and the reading, SpanStar!

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Smurf Smuggling

Carolus may be one of HubPages’ newest fiction authors, but he has already written several awesome fiction Hubs. Among them is Smurf Smuggling, a hilarious piece on the illicit and illegal transport and use of Smurfs.

As an added bonus, Carolus created this recording of Smurf Smuggling– complete with awesome voices! I love what he’s done with the format and hope you enjoy this week’s special Fascinating Fiction episode as well.

Big thanks to Carolus for the Hub and the recording. If you, too, would like to submit a Hub and/or recording to the Fascinating Fiction podcast, drop us a line at podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.


The Legend of Oomak

Early in September, we had a special two week long Halloween-themed Weekly Topic Inspiration session to prepare for the coming holiday. One of the Hubs shared during those weeks was Scary Halloween Campfire Tales: The Legend of Oomak by RedElf.  It offers a really fun scary story alternative to those fatigued by the typical cliches so common amongst scary stories.

We hope you enjoy this recorded version of The Legend of Oomak.  It’s certainly something fun to get you into the Halloween spirit!

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Revenge of the Glowing Green Cats

What happens when electron-genetic-construct experiments go terribly, terribly wrong? Paradigmsearch explored this very potentiality in Revenge of the Glowing Green Cats, a short but highly amusing Hub.

It was pretty fun to record the podcast version of this short story.  Listen in if you’re on the go!

Big props to paradigmsearch for turning a somewhat newsy topic into a fun fictional vignette.

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Once Upon a Childhood: Pirate Gold

Fascinating FictionI’m a sucker for short, funny stories, so when Hyphenbird shared Once Upon a Childhood: Pirate’s Gold with me, I knew we had to make a podcast of it!  Though she created her own fantastic recording, some technical glitches have prevented me from using it for the time being, so this week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast (Pirate Gold) is in my voice.

I hope you enjoy Hyphenbird’s story- it has a fantastic twist at the end!  If you don’t have time to plug in and listen to something, do check out the Hub itself, and have a look at Part II of this story as well.

Big thanks to Hyphenbird for sharing these fun vignettes with us.

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