But What About the Mouse?

The Night Before Christmas, one of the world’s most popular Santa Claus stories, prominently mentions a mouse in its opening sentence… but leaves it at that. Not satisfied with that ever-so-brief reference, cherylone decided to add some backstory to this holiday classic, and A Christmas Mice Story was born.

We hope you enjoy this special holiday edition of the Fascinating Fiction podcast (A Christmas Mice Story), and encourage you to stop by cherylone’s original Hub as well. It’s very sweet and a fun spinoff of a classic tale.

If you would like to read a story for our podcast, or have a short fiction Hub that you would like to see featured in the series, send us an email! Our address is podcast-at-hubpages-dot-com.

Why do we give gifts?

Right now, Christmas is all the rage on HubPages.com. Hubbers are sharing entertaining and decorating advice, complaining about rampant consumerism, delving into religious holidays that crop up around the end of the year, and writing lots and lots of gift guides. But why?

Why do we give gifts on holidays? For how long have we been exchanging presents, and how did our current traditions emerge? We delve into this very subject in this week’s Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts- a look at the history of Gift Giving on Holidays.

In this podcast, we touch on a bunch of different Hubs, including:

So be sure to stop by those neat guides, histories, and articles for more information!

We hope that you are at peace with whatever gift giving practice you have developed over the years, and hope that you find the history of holiday gift exchanges as fascinating as we do! If you have any suggestions for future podcasts, or would like to tell us about the best gift you have ever received, send us an email at podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com.

Happy Halloween from HubPages

Happy Halloween fellow hubbers!

We had our own little Halloween celebration this Friday at HubPages GQ – some of us came in costume (we had a mini-contest, for eternal honor) and Pia and Larry definiely came in as major winners.  Check out their nifty costumes below:

Can you guess who Pia is? Frida Kahlo, of course!  She does an amazing impression – and it takes talent to internalize all of that suffering and artistic genius!

And can you guess who Larry is?  A cowboy!  Not making sense? Well, that’s because he’s dressing as a cowboy from Kyrgyzstan!

Even those who did not come up in festive garb enjoyed the cookies and milk Paul Edmondson and Chris Little (disguised as an American cowboy and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson respectively) brought in.

We hope that your Halloween weekend is full of fun costumes, good company, and delicious treats as well!

‘Tis The Season For Amazon And Ebay Capsules

Even though it’s hard to believe, it seems that it is now officially December, which means that we are smack-dab in the middle of yet another crazy holiday season filled with sales, shopping, traveling and family get-togethers. It’s so easy to get so caught up in the holiday madness that sometimes you wish that it would just be over as quickly as it showed up. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s no need to be such a Grinch and besides the fact that you get additional vacation time and a chance to hang with your family(could be good or bad), there are definite bright sides to this whole ‘holiday season’ thing.

You see, from a HubPages perspective, the over-hyped Christmas shopping season that kicks into gear this month means that people are looking for stuff to by and despite some slowdowns in online spending this year, more people than ever will be heading online to shop. Although yesterday(aka Cyber Monday) is supposedly the busiest online shopping day, the entire month of December leading up to Christmas creates a very opportunistic time for Hubbers to make some additional revenue.

Whether people are out searching for electronics, movies, books or beauty products they will be looking for places online where they can learn more about things and potentially buy things as they begin to mark people off of their Christmas shopping to-do lists. One of the best ways to capitalize on this product-buying trend is to create very informative and product specific Hubs that include Ebay and Amazon Revenue Capsules. These capsules enable those browsing your Hubs to not only learn about the products, but buy them directly from your Hub as well. This makes the purchasing process easier for the buyer and it helps you earn some additional cash in the process. You’ve helped them make an informed decision and because of that you get a piece of the pie if they follow through with a purchase on Amazon or Ebay. Sounds like a great HubPages holiday shopping situation for everyone involved, don’t you think?

If you haven’t registered as an Ebay or Amazon affiliate yet on HubPages, be sure to login and check out your My Affiliate Settings page for information how to sign up in a matter of minutes. Now, hurry up and get to Hubbing so that you can turn this year’s holiday season into a way to make yourself some extra Christmas spending cash.

Also, according to our reports, Ebay is currently trending towards generating over double the amount of revenue per click that Amazon is generating, so start plugging in those Ebay Capsules, Hubbers!

Light blue(left column) is Amazon’s revenue per click vs. the purple colored(right column)Ebay