The Origins of Halloween

With Halloween approaching, we are morally obligated to do a seasonal podcast. When poking around the fabulous October-related Hubs on HubPages, we found an excellent Hub titled Where Did Halloween Originate? Halloween’s Pagan Origins by kittythedreamer.

Did you know that many of the roots of modern day Halloween lie in Samhain, a Celtic harvest festival? Kittythedreamer’s Hub traces some of our favorite autumnal activities back to this resilient holiday, and we decided to delve more into this interesting tradition in this week’s podcast. Join us as we explore The Origins of Halloween and get in the Halloween spirit!

What is your favorite Halloween tradition? Tell us about it in an email sent to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com. We’d also love to hear any suggestions on future WAEE podcasts. Challenge us!  We love a good excuse to learn about something new through neat Hubs!

The Legend of Oomak

Early in September, we had a special two week long Halloween-themed Weekly Topic Inspiration session to prepare for the coming holiday. One of the Hubs shared during those weeks was Scary Halloween Campfire Tales: The Legend of Oomak by RedElf.  It offers a really fun scary story alternative to those fatigued by the typical cliches so common amongst scary stories.

We hope you enjoy this recorded version of The Legend of Oomak.  It’s certainly something fun to get you into the Halloween spirit!

If you have a favorite short fictional story on HubPages that you think would be good for the Fascinating Fiction podcast, or if you’re interested in contributing some recordings of your own, send us an email at podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.  We would love to hear from you!



Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Who doesn’t like talking about Halloween costumes? With the spooky holiday rolling around, we could not help but take a podcast to share some of our favorite creative Halloween costume ideas. Hundreds of Hubs on HubPages offer tips on costumes, so we narrowed our focus to three guides written by staff members: one with costume ideas for groups, another with costume ideas for sisters, and another with trendy costume ideas.

For more great costume ideas, be sure to poke around (just type “Halloween costume” into the search bar and you’ll find hundreds of results). Here are some recently published Halloween costume Hubs that were made during a recent Weekly Topic Inspiration session:

They’re fabulous- and very creative indeed!

Have fun planning your costume! And don’t forget- if there is a Hub or topic that you think would be good for us to discuss in a future Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast, tell us about it by sending an email to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.

Happy Halloween from HubPages

Happy Halloween fellow hubbers!

We had our own little Halloween celebration this Friday at HubPages GQ – some of us came in costume (we had a mini-contest, for eternal honor) and Pia and Larry definiely came in as major winners.  Check out their nifty costumes below:

Can you guess who Pia is? Frida Kahlo, of course!  She does an amazing impression – and it takes talent to internalize all of that suffering and artistic genius!

And can you guess who Larry is?  A cowboy!  Not making sense? Well, that’s because he’s dressing as a cowboy from Kyrgyzstan!

Even those who did not come up in festive garb enjoyed the cookies and milk Paul Edmondson and Chris Little (disguised as an American cowboy and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson respectively) brought in.

We hope that your Halloween weekend is full of fun costumes, good company, and delicious treats as well!