How to Leave Good Fan Mail

Every time you Follow a Hubber, you have the option to leave him or her some Fan Mail. Fan Mail is one of the clearest ways to share the love on HubPages, as it’s all about highlighting what you love most about the person you have chosen to Follow.

To leave Fan Mail that a fellow Hubber is not likely to forget, we recommend:

  • Explicitly pointing out what you like most about this Hubber
  • Explaining which Hub or Hubs finally inspired you to follow him or her
  • Sharing which subject areas you most enjoy seeing this Hubber explore
  • Suggesting new subjects for the Hubber to cover
  • Mentioning something you and this Hubber have in common
  • Pointing out what it is that makes this Hubber stand apart from the crowd

In addition to boosting another Hubber’s mood for a spell, your Fan Mail has the potential to give someone else the much-needed confidence to publish something truly extraordinary.

We’ve all had moments when we have held our talent back because of a lack of confidence. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone popped out and complimented us in our moments of weakness? By leaving Fan Mail for another person, you might just become that person- and really make a difference.

Because you can only leave Fan Mail once, we recommend taking some time to think about what you would like to say to the Hubber you have Followed before submitting the message. If you are not ready to send Fan Mail right after you Follow someone, don’t worry! You have the option to move on to something else, then return to that person’s Profile to leave Fan Mail when you are ready.

Answers with Ari

Though it is the fastest growing portion of, the Answers section on HubPages is overlooked by many Hubbers.  That, my friends, is a terrible shame, because HubPages software engineer Ari Lamstein has been making some major improvements to it!

In the interview above, Ari shares some of these changess, namely spam reduction, improved answering time, and a recommendation system, however Ari has done much more than that!

Below are some other significant changes (in his words) that Ari has brought about:

  • If a question was asked on a Hub (or of a Hubber), we now link to the Hub (or Hubber) in the question.  Previously, without this information, it was difficult to understand many of these questions.  This feature was often requested by the community, for example in this thread.
  • Questions also “stay with” a Hub, like comments do.
  • Users now have the ability to “follow” questions.  So if you see a question that you like, you can “follow” it and get a notification when new answers to the question come in.  Many users like this feature because it allows them to “bookmark” questions so they can answer them at a later date.  One piece of feedback which we got from users who like to use Q&A for Hub ideas is that they would see a good question, but couldn’t “find” it later to answer it.  Many Hubbers like to think for a while before answering a question or writing a Hub.  You can see all the questions that you are following in the My Account page.
  • Lastly, to improve question quality we now have a clear, written set of Q&A rules.  The first time that a user asks a question, or if a user’s last question was moderated, we display the rules and make the user agree to them.

Props to Ari for making HubPages Answers better than ever!  If you’d like to thank him personally, check out his profile, and also have a look at his awesome classical guitar Hubs. 😀