Heads Up! Updates to the Amazon and eBay Capsules

As of today, the number keyword or seller-based products that can be featured per Amazon or eBay capsule will be lowered to two. We have decided to reduce the upper limit to fight clutter in Hubs, help Hubbers present their pages’ visitors with a better experience, and (hopefully) boost Hubbers’ Amazon and eBay earnings.

Capsules featuring more than two keyword or seller-based products will not be affected unless edited (when you edit a commerce capsule featuring more than two keyword or seller-based products, the limit gets brought down to two).

The total number of manually-entered Amazon products one can feature in an Amazon Capsule (entered by ASIN or URL) remains capped at ten, however we do not necessarily recommend featuring ten items in the capsule just because you can.

With many features on our site, we have found that when we present fewer options, we see an increase in the total number of clicks. By paring down the total number of keyword or seller-based items featured in commerce capsules, we hope that we might also help Hubbers drive more clicks and boost their earnings.

Generally speaking, Amazon and eBay Capsules perform best when the products they feature are of very direct interest to the readers of a Hub. For example, an Amazon Capsule featuring a wind-proof umbrella in a Hub about different types of wind-proof umbrellas is going to perform much better than a Hub featuring a book about parenting in a Hub sharing general parenting advice. For this reason, we recommend featuring products sparingly and only featuring products when they are directly alluded to in the body of your Hub.

New Amazon-Branded Buy Button on Hubs

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 11.11.42 AMTwo months ago, lobobrandon suggested that we make Amazon Capsules more attractive, observing that Amazon products presented on other sites for which he writes are more comely and also more lucrative.

We absolutely agree that better visuals can lead to better clickthroughs, and especially think that present that using more prominent Amazon branding and including a call to action to “buy” a product is one of the most important things to impact clickthrough rates to Amazon (though the single most important thing you can do is carefully choose just a small number of products that are directly related to the subject of a Hub- and give them insightful custom descriptions).

We have therefore updated the Amazon Capsule with an Amazon-branded buy button (as pictured to the right).

Should this update improve the performance of Amazon Capsules in your Hubs, we’ll stick with it!

Thanks for the great suggestion, lobobrandon! We appreciate your HubPages community activism. 😀