Editor’s Choice Accolade/Nominations and Bing Webmaster Tools Verification


We have three quick announcements for everyone!  First, starting today we will be awarding the Editor’s Choice accolade to all Hubbers who have five or more EC Hubs!  Your accolade will be displayed on your Profile Page along with your other HubPages accolades.  Congratulations to those who receive the accolade; it’s not an easy one to earn!

Second,  several Hubbers have requested the ability to nominate Hubs for Editor’s Choice, and we agree!  Hubbers can now nominate EC candidates by submitting a Hub’s url in this Google form.  Be sure to leave the entire Hub URL (not just the title) and we will try to take a look at these Hubs as soon as possible.

Third,  thanks to our HubPages engineer, Edward Zhang, you are now able to verify your subdomain in Bing’s Webmaster Tools.  We have updated our Google Webmaster Tools Learning Center entry to include instructions for Bing.  Why should you verify your subdomain with Google and Bing?  Here are a few reasons:

  • Get an inside view into how Google and Bing view your subdomain, e.g., crawl and indexing rates
  • Analyze your link and query traffic, e.g, what sites link to your subdomain the most and your most linked content
  • Share information with Google and Bing
  • Check if you have a manual action against your account

Have a great Thursday and Happy Hubbing!

Cast Your Votes in the Second Annual Hubbies!

It is once again time for the annual Hubbie Awards. We invite you to cast your votes for the best Hubs and Hubbers of the year. Those who win will be awarded with the most rare and coveted Accolades on HubPages (not to mention the admiration of the entire community).

Before visiting the official voting form, peruse the awards below and make a list of the Hubs (and their URLs, which you’ll need for the form) and Hubbers you think should win each one. You can only cast your vote once, so be sure to have all your selections ready.

Voting will be open from now until Wednesday, July 25th (votes cast after the 24th at midnight PT will not be counted). Be sure to let your voice be heard!

Hubbie Awards



  • Best All-Around Hub
  • Best All-Around Hubber


  • Most Likely to be Banned in the Forums
  • Most Likely to Become a HubPages Employee
  • HubPages Class Clown
  • Best Avatar
  • Best Community Activist
  • Most Helpful Hubber
  • Most Supportive Hubber
  • Most Cheerful Hubber
  • Best Teacher
  • Most Likely to Go Viral
  • Best Fiction Writer
  • Best Poet
  • Funniest Hubber
  • Most Political Hubber
  • Most Religious Hubber
  • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire
  • Forum King
  • Forum Queen


  • Most Interesting Hub
  • Most Useful Hub
  • Most Beautiful Hub
  • Most Informative Hub
  • Most Awesome Hub
  • Funniest Hub

Finished deliberating? Cast your votes now by visiting the official Hubbie Award voting form.

Soon You’ll Be Able to Select Best Answers

Best Answer

Next week we will be adding an exciting new feature to the Answers section: the ability for Hubbers to select a Best Answer to a Question that they asked. The goals of this feature are to:

  • Highlight great content. When a visitor from a search engine lands on your Question page, they are often looking for a quick answer to their question. Selecting a Best Answer will cause it to move right below the Question and appear highlighted. This will help your visitors from Search to find an answer to their question quickly.
  • Motivate Hubbers to leave the best possible answer to a question. As we said, if your Answer is selected as a best answer then it will appear prominently on the page. However, we will also be awarding accolades to Hubbers who have their Answers selected as Best Answers.
  • Help to differentiate the Answers section from the Forums. We are constantly adding new features to HubPages. For example, we recently added the ability to leave a comment on an Answer.  This feature has added a lot of value to the Answers section. But it also led some Hubbers to say that, for them, they felt it caused the line between the Answers section and the Forum to blur. There are in fact many differences between the Answers section and the Forums. We hope that adding the Best Answer feature helps to further differentiate the two sections of HubPages.

When a Best Answer has been selected for a Question you are following you will receive a notification- this way you won’t miss a really good explanation, even if it answers a very popular Question.

Accompanying the Best Answer feature is a new multi-level Accolade to give props to those who leave superior answers. To earn the new Best Answer Accolade (and to level up once you have it), work on providing detailed, useful, and prompt short answers- or better still, create Hub Answers addressing your fellow Hubbers’ Questions.

Accolades: Gotta Catch ’em All!

HubPages AccoladesYou have seen them before- those little badges lined up under Hubbers’ profiles boasting their superior involvement in the community, number of Hubs published, followers, etc…

Accolades are a great way to strut your stuff on HubPages, and the only way to collect them is to be an active member of the community and to continue to publish your amazing, original work!

Are you aware of all the different types of Accolades you can collect on HubPages.com?  We recently posted them all on our FAQ page so that you can see the entire breakdown.  How many do you already have?

One fun and new aspect of Accolades is that you will get a friendly email notifying you whenever you get a new Accolade or a new level of an existing Accolade (e.g. when you publish your 300th Hub or reach your 5th year milestone of being a HubPages member).

Each email is accompanied with a unique, fun fact, so you’ll get a pat on the back and learn something, too!