Take a peek into the life of one of our long-time authors who writes about a multitude of topics and has just published her sixth book.

We want to get to know you. Can you provide us with a brief “about me” paragraph?

In my day-to-day job as an author, instructional designer, and eLearning developer, I continue to discover new things to share with others. My goal is to make people’s lives easier by providing simple instructions and educational content to help everyone accomplish their goals. I have always loved writing for as long as I remember. I have self-published three educational books on Amazon, three children’s books, and I’m working on more. I also love creating training videos and I currently have 90 videos and counting on my easylearningweb YouTube channel. I also love writing short stories and rhyming poems. You can search for me on Amazon to see all of my published books.

As far as my background, I have a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology. My interests and talents are in computers, education, e-learning, health, finance, parenting, cooking, exercise, fitness, of course, writing! 

Why did you decide to join HubPages? 

Approximately nine years ago, I was looking for a way to self-publish articles online, as well as be part of a community of writers and authors. When I came across the HubPages website, it seemed to be a perfect fit. I envisioned it as a gateway to share my knowledge and help others, be a part of a growing online community, and learn from others as well.

What made you want to stick around for all of these years?

It began as a wonderful networking experience, and truly helped me become better and more confident as a writer. Once I started writing articles on HubPages, I received a lot of feedback and replies from other writers on HubPages. We helped each other as we improved as writers and shared our knowledge with each other and the world. It helped me take baby steps as a writer and grow each and every day. It was a fun experience when I started, and it has been a sweet ride ever since! It was the springboard that got me interested in self-publishing books.

When you first started writing on the site, what inspired you to partake in a 30-day writing challenge?

After writing articles on HubPages for 5 years, I had a little over 60 articles, but my goal was to write 100 articles. I wanted to come up with a challenge for myself to increase the number of articles I could write in a short amount of time and go a step further. Although I did see other members of the HubPages community embark on a 30-day challenge, there wasn’t a current challenge at that time for me to join. So, I created my own 30-day challenge to write 30 articles in 30 days. I knew it would take a lot of planning, researching, writing and time, but I was ready for the challenge. I kept picturing this analogy: I imagined myself swimming lots of laps—like a swimmer might do before he or she enters the Olympics. I figured if I could write 30 articles in 30 days, then I could write books too and learn how to self-publish as well. It worked and I just self-published my 6th book!

During those 30 days, which article did you have the most fun writing?

Wow, that’s a hard question to answer, because I had fun writing so many! The ones focusing on food and technology were some of my favorites. I would have to say the one I enjoyed the most was the one I wrote after I was finished my challenge, because I truly felt like I climbed a small but steep mountain. It is called “30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge Results” and it contains a list of what I learned, statistics, and most of all, what other challenges I wanted to consider moving forward, including the challenge proposed in the “The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale.” Two of his many quotes that stuck with me are: “Life should be an exciting adventure.” and “Every person should be glad to get out of bed in the morning and do a job because you like to do it.” Those are words to live by and inspired me to continue pursuing my dreams of writing a book.

What does your creative process look like?

I believe all of us possess the ability to create anything we set our minds to. My formal process is to start with an outline and work from there. There are varying degrees of my formal process that I use, depending on what I am creating. For example, I use storyboarding, sketching, scripting and various tools to design and develop whatever I am creating. However, before the formal process can start, you need an idea. Creative ideas come to me randomly all the time, so I have different types of journals, big ones and small ones, in various rooms throughout the house, ready and waiting for more ideas to be jotted down. You never know when the next big idea will come to mind. Write it down right away so it doesn’t fly out of your head. Write it down somewhere, preferably in a special notebook, journal, or electronic document. If you write it down, you have a better chance at remembering it tomorrow, next week or a year from now.

What led you down the self-publishing path?

I have always loved writing. Even as a child, I love writing stories and drawing pictures. In addition to writing, I loved reading poems, especially ones that contained rhymes. I even saved stories that I wrote as a child, hoping that I could turn them into books someday. After writing on HubPages for years, I started writing short stories and entering writing contests for fun. After two of my short stories won 1st and 2nd prizes, in a monthly contest, they were published in a real book. After that, I became interested in the self-publishing process. The reason I decided to pursue self-publishing was because of the faster turnaround time to self-publish vs. using traditional publishing. Self-publishing also gives me a lot of flexibility with book formats, including eBooks, paperback, hardcover, and audiobooks.

What are you working on now?

I just recently resigned from my corporate position to return to freelance. I’m currently self-employed as a freelance instructional designer, eLearning developer, and author. This allows me to have a more flexible schedule for family/work balance, and devote more time to writing, self-publishing, marketing, and of course, writing more on HubPages!

Any advice for new or aspiring writers?

Write because you love it, not because you have to. If you write from the heart, it will show in your writing. And don’t be discouraged if your 27th draft comes back from an editor with more revisions. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, remember: “Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end, you are sure to succeed.”

As you go about, pursuing your writing dreams, remember to reach for the stars. It does not matter how little or far you reach, just reach! Earl Nightingale puts it best when he said:

·         “See yourself reaching your goal.”

·         “You are guided by your mind.”

·         “To be successful, you must work hard.”

·         “In order to control your life, control your mind.”

·         “The architect of the universe did not build a stairway leading to nowhere.”

·         “Refuse to believe that there are any circumstances that will prevent you from reaching your goal.”

Finally, I would like to share the six steps to being successful, as stated in “The Strangest Secret” video, according to Dr. David Harold Fink:

  1.  Set yourself a definite goal.
  2. Quit running yourself down.
  3. Stop thinking of all the reasons why you cannot be successful, and instead, think of all the reasons why you can.
  4. Trace your attitudes back to your childhood and try to discover where you first got the idea that you couldn’t be successful if that is the way you have been thinking.
  5. Change the image you have of yourself by writing a description of the person you would like to be.
  6. Act the part of the successful person you would like to become.

To learn more, follow me on social media or check out my HubPages profile here: @easylearningweb!

All the Best to You!


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