Changes to the Ingredients Capsule

We have made some minor, but helpful changes to our Ingredients Capsule to make whipping up delicious recipes even easier:

1. You can now group related ingredients together under one heading. (E.g., “Wet ingredients” and “Dry ingredients.“)
2. You may reorder the groups and the ingredients via drag-and-drop.
3. Now, if you abbreviate something, the tool will suggest that you spell it out. (E.g., “1 tsp” will get a suggestion of “1 teaspoon.“)
4. If you capitalize an ingredient word unnecessarily, it will let you know. (E.g., “apples” and not “Apples.“) This will not affect common ingredient words that should be capitalized. 

*For all of you thumb pushers, these changes have not yet been solidified on the mobile site.

Posted by:Samantha Cubbison

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