Hi there friends! It’s August again, which means it’s Hubbie season! I’m super excited to announce that voting will open next Monday (August 10th) for the 5th Annual HubPages Hubbie Awards. You will have 2 weeks to cast your vote, so get started thinking about which Hubbers and Hubs you’d like to nominate.

If you’re joining us for the first time this year, the Hubbie Awards are contest held in honor of HubPages’ birthday every year around the beginning of August. As a community member, you have the opportunity to choose your favorite Hubs and Hubbers and nominate them for a variety of awards. Each Hub or Hubber with the most votes in a particular category wins a cool HubPages prize (this year our winners may choose between either a HubPages mug, a t-shirt, or a notebook) as well as widespread community recognition.

You can find this year’s categories listed below:


  • Best All-Around Hub
  • Best All-Around Hubber
  • HubPages Lifetime Achievement (Chosen by HP Staff)


  • Most Likely to Become a HubPages Employee
  • HubPages Class Clown
  • Best Avatar
  • Best Community Activist
  • Most Helpful Hubber
  • Most Supportive Hubber
  • Most Cheerful Hubber
  • Best Teacher
  • Most Likely to Go Viral
  • Best Fiction Writer
  • Best Poet
  • Funniest Hubber
  • Most Political Hubber
  • Most Religious Hubber
  • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire
  • Forum King
  • Forum Queen
  • Best Photographer
  • Best Commenter (New category this year, suggested by Hubber Faith Reaper)


  • Most Interesting Hub
  • Most Useful Hub
  • Most Beautiful Hub
  • Most Informative Hub
  • Most Awesome Hub
  • Funniest Hub

Stay tuned for the opening of the polls on Monday. 🙂

Posted by:christykirwan

6 replies on “Announcing the 5th Annual Hubbie Awards – Get Ready!

  1. I have my favorites in several of the categories, but there are so many hubbers I have never had contact with. I look forward to meeting and learning about those I have yet to meet. Thanks to the staff who are responsible for putting this together.

    1. Hi vnktchari,

      You can vote for whichever Hubs and Hubbers you want, and if you like, you can even vote for the same Hubber in more than one category if you think he or she has earned it (though we do recommend diversifying your nominations as much as possible so that many more deserving Hubbers have the opportunity to win).

  2. Ah…the Hubbies….I still have fond memories of when I won my Hubbies in the past. Good luck to all out there!

  3. With so many great writers here in all categories, it gets harder to choose each year. But it is a great opportunity to acknowledge others efforts.

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