Pinterest aficionado Glimmer Twin Fan has shared some helpful tips that I’m very pleased to pass along to you. I mentioned some of her advice in the recent Weekly Newsletter, and I’d like to elaborate on it some more here in the Blog. Regularly updating and improving Hubs is such an important ingredient for continued success here on HubPages that I hope you’ll take a fresh glance at your Hubs with an eye toward applying some of Glimmer’s advice.

As you can see, when she updated some of her old photos with Pinterest in mind, she was able to get significantly more Pins and Repins to the same Hub:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.11.40 AM vs. Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.20.35 AM

A few tips for your images:

  • Focus on your Hub’s header image. While any of your Hub’s photos might be Pinned, the first one is the one that’s Pinned most frequently. Make it fantastic.
  • Take food photos with lots of natural light. Take your food photos outside if possible. If not, photograph the finished dish in whatever room in your home receives the most natural sunlight.
  • Add short descriptive text (like the name of the recipe) where possible. But if you can’t add text without covering the good parts of the photo, don’t fret. Great photos of food speak for themselves.
  • Put a little effort into the background. It’s ok to get creative here. Some good ideas include dishes and tableware that compliment the colors of the food, solid color backgrounds can keep the focus on the food, and adding a lighted candle, a flower, or other small embellishment can make the photo look more attractive.
  • Take a lot of photos. Try different angles, closeups, farther away photos, etc. This will ensure that you have a wide variety of images to choose from. Keep the best and delete the rest.

How you pin matters:

Keep in mind that there are a number of different ways your readers can Pin your Hubs and the images in them. Using the Pinterest option from the official HubPages social buttons on the right of the Hub will automatically Pin your Hub’s first photo plus the text from your Hub’s title. Using the hover-over button that appears on any image in your Hub will Pin that particular image along with the text from the description field. If your readers use the Pinterest browser extension, they will have an option to choose between all the photos in your Hub to Pin, and whichever photo they select will include its descriptive text.

Most readers use the HubPages Pinterest button (which is why your header image is the most important), but some readers will want to pin other images within your Hub as well, which is why it’s so important to give each photo a great description.

Remember that it’s not just recipes that can benefit from a Pinterest revamp. Craft Hubs, DIY Hubs, gardening Hubs, and lots of other types of Hubs stand to gain from a little bit of Pinterest improvement.I hope you found some of these tips helpful!

Happy Hubbing (and editing)!

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7 replies on “Increase Your Pinterest Pins with These Simple Tips

  1. These are great tips, and the photos in the example really showcase the difference. I have been retroactively changing up my images on my hubs, but need to finish the job. It makes a big difference in my traffic.

  2. While I use and understand the ins-and-outs of pinterest of pinning from HP to Pinterest, how can we reverse procedure by pinning from pinterest to HP. Or is it not allowed?

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