As part of HubPro, we’ve contracted with some incredibly talented photographers to help us create the kind of beautiful, high-quality photos that many Hubs need. Today I’d like to introduce you to two of those awesome ladies and share examples of their work in Hubs. The best part? They’re fellow Hubbers!

Meet Julia Eppehimer:

“I recently graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a degree in photography. Why did I choose IWU, you ask? Because they sent me a message in a bottle. Yep, that’s it. Before I graduated, I spent a summer in the Dominican Republic as a media intern for G.O. Ministries. I loved hanging out with the local people and the groups who came down on mission trips and photographing the genuine emotion that ensued from their encounters. But my favorite thing to photograph is food; especially because I get to eat it afterwards! It is sometimes very challenging to wait until I get the right photo before I can start eating. Cookies are the best because you can snag one (or two) freshly baked cookies for yourself and still have plenty left to photograph.”

Here’s a stunning example of Julia’s work (and her cookies): Bacon Bit Chocolate Chip Cookies

Meet Glimmer Twin Fan:

“Basically, I’m a 50-year-old woman who stayed at home to raise my daughter for 12 years. I started writing Hubs about 2 1⁄2 years ago and soon realized that I needed good photos for the types of articles I was writing because the ones I was taking weren’t very good. I dusted off our nice DSLR camera and, after a little research on the internet, started experimenting with it. Based on my results, and the many positive comments from readers about my photos, I think I’ve done pretty well. One of the aspects of photography that I have really enjoyed is making collages using photo software. I still learn something new from every picture I take, and taking photos for the HubPro program has been an inspiring and enjoyable challenge for me.”

This is an excellent example of Glimmer Twin Fan’s fantastic work: How to Make a Felt Hair Clip

You can see more photos by both of these incredible artists if you stop by their Hubs. Prepare to be impressed! 🙂

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