I have some very exciting news to announce today. HubPages is acquiring key content from Squidoo, creating the world’s largest site of its kind.

Squidoo and HubPages have been cousins over the years. We shared the same desire to provide a platform for individuals to share their knowledge and passions with the world.

We want to thank Seth, Corey, Gil and the rest of the Squidoo team that  have worked tirelessly for nearly a decade to innovate, adapt, and grow a wonderful community of incredible Lensmasters that have generated millions of lenses and billions of visits. I’ve been a big fan of Squidoo, their mission, their Lensmasters, and their team for many years.

By combining HubPages with the best of Squidoo, we will be able to invest more in our site and community, and make HubPages a place that Hubbers and Lensmasters deserve for years to come.

We have been working together with the Squidoo team to make this transition as smooth as possible. We plan to complete the migration by October 1st. In the meantime, we put together a FAQ on the content acquisition and migration that we plan to update regularly. In addition, there will be a new forum dedicated to Squidoo transition issues, along with more announcements in the near future.

Please welcome the Lensmasters–our new Hubbers–to our community!

Posted by:Paul Edmondson

30 replies on “Squidoo and HubPages

  1. I joined Hub Pages and Squidoo within weeks of each other back in 2007. Can’t believe it’s that long ago but I have loved every minute of being with both sites. This is truly a marriage made in Heaven and I have no doubt that the two combined will be greater than the sum of both parts. Many reading this from Squidoo will know my name and although I am aware of their total, unswerving loyalty to Squidoo over the years (to be admired of course!), if they need any confirmation regarding the benefits of being with Hub Pages and the opportunities to be had, they are more than welcome to get in touch.

    Challenging times for all concerned I’m sure and obviously I do have questions re my content on both sites but I’m delighted and looking forward to a greater future with clearly a far greater percentage of Web traffic.

  2. This is very exciting! I’ve already opted in over there at Squidoo so my stuff from over there can be moved here to my new subdomain for it. Good news, very cool!

  3. Very excited, will be some extra work of course, but I have been a proud member of Squidoo for nearly 6 years and Hubpages for over 2 years now.

    I am glad that if Squidoo was going down this way, it was HubPages they chose. A little scary, but exciting at the same time.

  4. Wish the transfer was simpler for those who already have an account here too. Don’t really want to deal with a second account and have to generate a new email address somewhere too. Plus, I have no idea what to rename myself. Maybe my name, only all spelled backwards?

  5. I have some Squidoo lenses with far more Amazon capsules and direct Amazon links than HP allows for hubs. These lenses are featured on Squidoo and according to the FAQ that means they will be migrated as featured hubs on HP. But how does that gel with HP’s rules about Amazon capsules and having no more than two links to the same domain? Are these lens-hubs going to be subject to HP’s rules later down the road, or will you ease the restrictions for all HP users to match Squidoo’s more lax policy? Thank you.

  6. Hey Paul, I’m sure you guys have already gone through the pros and cons of the merger. But I’m against you guys giving them a blank cheque.

    Squidoo has some really good writers, but there are also a few old lenses that were nothing but Amazon capsules. I think those should be prevented from being published. Even if it’s just for a shot transition period, low quality (That was once accepted by Squidoo) shouldn’t be allowed to corrupt out entire site.

    The link juice we receive due to the 301 redirects could be good for us though 🙂 The best part I’d say is the great new people we’re going to be meeting.

  7. I unable to access the hub page website except in the cashe. The green button on the squidoo site does not work. When I try to access Hub Pages on google and other webbrowser they tell me the connection is broken. Please advise. I am trying to move my lenses ASAP. Thanks

  8. Paul, thank you for this informative post. I am looking forward to what this merger will bring to all hubbers and to HubPages. Congratulations on this humongous endeavor. I wish you, HP Team, and all us writers the best. What a fantastic community we have here!

  9. There is going to be a massive doubling up of content if you are not careful.

    Google hates sites that carry what are essentially slightly different versions of the same page.

    And it will be the most successful pages that are the most affected since they are the preferred targets for re-writers.

  10. Can you use the same Google Adsense on both accounts, that is the one I already have and which Google adsense is linked to and a new account with my Squidoo lenses coming across from there?

  11. I am confused. I already have a Hub Pages account. I also have content on Squidoo. We earn through Adsense on HP and Adsense only allows one account, yet I understand that we have to open a second HP account for Squidoo content which means no earnings other than sales.

  12. I have a question on the meaning of the phrase key content? What ranking in Squidoo is required so it can be transferred to hubpages?

  13. I’m one of the new people that will be transferring over from Squidoo. Many of us have zazzle accounts and links to zazzle on our Squidoo pages. How will the Zazzle links be handled?

  14. That’s just great, Paul. How long has this been in the works? Sorta slipped it in on us didn’t ya?


  15. I have been a member of Squidoo for 6 1/2 years and Hubpages for maybe 3 or more, but no hubs. I never had the time to try out Hubpages before, but I think the merger gives us a great opportunity to move forward with more contributors and quality content.

    Squidoo has been floundering somewhat for the last 2 years, so while this means a lot of work and rework for me, I am really pleased that I know where I stand as regards the future of Squidoo. This merger I think has been welcomed by a lot of people.

    My one question at this point is regarding Adsense. I already have my account assigned to my existing Hubpages account. Can I use the same id or will I have to use a new id? Yes I know I can use the same account, but it would save me having to create a new id.

  16. What a wonderful marriage of two content sites coming together for the purpose of creating one great place for the public to discover and read helpful, entertaining, enjoyable, and more information on the web. I’m happy about the news.

  17. This sound like a great idea. I thought about joining Squidoo, but chose HubPages instead, so now we’ll have both.

  18. How can we merge our new Squidoo-Hub-identity with our existing-Hub-identity?

    We don’t want to set up new email accounts (we never check) just for access here, since we can’t use a duplicate email address for existing Hubpages account and migrating Squidoo account.

    We would like to merge our accounts, to have all our articles, in one place, with one ID. I think that’s what Hubpages would prefer, too… and the public audiences.

    If we can effect the merger of accounts, this should work out well for all. Thank you!

  19. At least in the past, Squidoo has allowed multiple accounts. So, I am going to have multiple HubPages accounts too. Is there a way to merge accounts, or transfer hubs from one account to another?

  20. I am really pleased that I know where I stand as regards the future of Squidoo. This merger I think has been welcomed by a lot of people. Thanks you so much

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