August is here again, and in keeping with HubPages tradition, that means it’s almost time for the 4th Annual Hubbies! YOU nominate and vote for your favorite Hubbers and Hubs in a variety of categories. Winners will be awarded the rarest, most coveted Accolade on HubPages; the Hubbie Accolade (plus some really cool prizes).

Voting will begin on Monday, August 18th and last for 2 weeks, ending after Monday, September 1st, so start thinking about the Hubbers and Hubs you’d like to nominate. This year’s awards are listed below:

Best of the Best

  • Best All-Around Hub

  • Best All-Around Hubber

Awards for Hubbers

  • Most Likely to Become a HubPages Employee

  • HubPages Class Clown

  • Best Avatar

  • Best Community Activist

  • Most Helpful Hubber

  • Most Supportive Hubber

  • Most Cheerful Hubber

  • Best Teacher

  • Most Likely to Go Viral

  • Best Fiction Writer

  • Best Poet

  • Funniest Hubber

  • Most Political Hubber

  • Most Religious Hubber

  • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire

  • Forum King

  • Forum Queen

  • Best Photographer

Awards for Hubs

  • Most Interesting Hub

  • Most Useful Hub

  • Most Beautiful Hub

  • Most Informative Hub

  • Most Awesome Hub

  • Funniest Hub

Happy Hubbing!

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5 replies on “Get Ready for the 2014 Hubbie Awards!

  1. I love that HubPages does this every year. Most of us may never be stop-on-the-street famous, but it’s fun to have our own internal awards.

    Thanks HubPages staff for putting in the extra effort to make this place fun.

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