The start of 2014 Quarter 3 is just a couple months away, and once again we’d like to share the topic tips from our friends at Google AdSense with Hubbers. These topics are ones that historically have had higher CPMs during July, August, and September, and the people at AdSense expect that trend to continue this year. Seasonal content is also great for social media, and many social sites start sharing up to 6 weeks in advance, so we wanted to give you plenty of time to come up with ideas and get writing. Here are the topics you may want to consider incorporating into your next few Hubs:

Sports & Recreation
  • Summer vacations
  • MLB season
  • NFL previews
Personal Finance
  • Home insurance sales
  • Moving season
Fashion and Beauty
  • Fall fashion
  • Wedding fashion
Education and Science
  • Back to school
  • End-of-year car sales
  • Auto insurance sales
Holidays and Celebrations
  • Labour Day
Gender and Relationships
  • Wedding Season

If you’ve caught the summer writer’s block bug, hopefully one of these topics will get the ideas flowing. Happy Hubbing!

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2 replies on “Great Topics for Quarter 3

  1. Thank you so much for supplying trending topics for 2014 Q3. I found a topic to write about from this list. I appreciate this.

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