Good day, everyone!  Here are the results of yesterday’s challenge!

Number of Featured Hubs on March 18th: 156

Daily HubPot: $19.50

Weekly HubPot: $40 (20.50+19.50)

  1. P T Linsley: Top 10 Nicknames in Pro Cycling
  2. Helena Ricketts: What are the Health Benefits of Sage?
  3. eugbug: 10 Tips For Improving Photos on Your Webpage or Hub
  4. MJennifer: The Essential Foaling Kit for the First-Time Mare Owner
  5. Jonathan Wylie: 3 Ways to Screencast on a Chromebook
  6. oceansnsunsets: Witch Hazel – A Gallery of these Unique Flowering Trees and Shrubs
  7. stephhicks68: Is There a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes)?
  8. Act 3: Practicing Yoga at Home | A 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  9. JKenny: British Wildlife: The Polecat
  10. jellygator: Preventing Falls | Care for the Elderly

The winner chosen using, is…

#9 British Wildlife: The Polecat by JKenny!  Congratulations.  See you all tomorrow!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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