I’ve really enjoyed leading Weekly Topic Inspiration in its current iteration and seeing the amazing Hubs that participants have produced and shared each week. You guys are awesome!

I’m very pleased to announce that the program is undergoing a major overhaul. We’re making a lot of changes to streamline and simplify the Hub-sharing process and to give you more options and freedom, dear writers. Why the sudden change, you ask? While we love the idea of creating Hubs together as a community around a shared theme, we have found the current Weekly Topic Inspiration lacking on a few fronts. Here are the major issues we are working on rectifying:

  • Low Hubber engagement
  • A complicated system that makes sharing difficult and confusing (the need to post Hubs as Answers to a Question, which trips a lot of Hubbers up)
  • A lack of options for Hubbers who aren’t interested in a given week’s theme
  • Difficulty in reaching many Hubbers at once with the program

Here’s how the new version is going to work. Each Friday I’ll make a Forum post announcing Topic Pages where you can vote for the week’s Rising Star nominees (to make it easier for you to find Topic Pages with open polls). In that post I’ll also mention three newly-created promising Topics that seem particularly fun and interesting. Any Hubber who wants to write about one (or more) of the week’s Topics can simply post his/her Hub directly in that Forum thread.

I’ll still be browsing your posts for Hub of the Day material and commenting occasionally, but I also strongly encourage you to organize themed Hub Challenges on your own with your fellow Hubbers. It’s an awesome way to get motivated, stay in touch with other Hubbers, and meet writers with similar interests. If you’re still hungry for more inspiration, don’t forget to check out our Exclusive titles. Just type a word or short phrase into the Hub Title field of the HubTool and see what comes up!

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11 replies on “Changes to the Weekly Topic Inspiration Program

  1. I’m sad to see the end of the WIT. I’ve been writing for it since its precursor the HubMob. They have often given me ideas on things I might not have made a hub on.
    Anyway, change is the name of the game, specially online. So I’ll head over and see what the new alternative is.

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