Though many join HubPages to build a robust online portfolio and earn an income from their articles, most stay for the community- the comments, the feedback, and the friendships. Just one Hub can make a surprising impact, leading to all sorts of conversations, connections, and even additional Hubs. In this guest post, Suzie HQ shares how one of her Hubs and a  fun exchange in its comment thread produced a delightful result.

We hope Suzie HQ’s story reminds you of the small but numerous impacts your Hubs, comments, and posts have on fellow Hubbers and the world at large. 🙂

Hubpages is what you make of it.

Imagine leaving a reply to a fellow Hubber’s comment only to have them act on it and turn that suggestion into an actual product. That would be an awesome feeling right? That is exactly what happened here when I replied to Jamie Brock, who had posted a comment on my article on How to Make Homemade Layered Lip Gloss. Jamie and I had met on HubPages some three months previously. I use the term ‘met’ metaphorically speaking, as we have never met in person with us living on different continents! Jamie resides in the great state of Texas, USA and I on the tiny island of Ireland.

It was due to us both writing on this site that we ‘met’. Jamie is a creative lady who writes tutorials on inventive crafting ideas from Cute and Clever Cereal Box Crafts to How to make Fabric Flowers from Old T-shirts and these certainly sparked by interest immediately. So what was my suggestion I hear you ask?

As Jamie loves using rhinestones in crafts, I suggested she recycle her old contact lenses case and make a blinged lip gloss container.  Cool, funky and very hip . . . what girl doesn’t love a touch of bling in her life? So she jumped on it and before I knew it, her Hub DIY Blinged Out Contact Lense Case was born, showing the finished article. I was totally gobsmacked and speechless, a definite WOW moment. Before I knew it, Jamie had posted me my very own Jamie creation which left me speechless, apart from the expected ‘OMG”!

Since I have been on HubPages, just 11 months to be exact, it has turned into more than I could have ever dreamed of. I am not an experienced writer of many years, I have not worked within the profession anywhere but I was drawn to writing as primarily an income source from home but also the fact I had always harboured a secret desire to write.

The community here is exceptional and friends are waiting around every corner to greet you, welcome you, and help you if you get involved. I have had a few Hubs of the day much to my amazement, got accepted into the Apprenticeship Program (which I have just completed) and had an article published with Epilepsy Ireland. None of these would have been possible without HubPages and the community here, supporting and encouraging me.

My time on HubPages has inspired me and given me the confidence to venture down other writing avenues and challenges I never thought of before. I have made lifelong friends from all over the world who I know would welcome me into their homes for a coffee and a chat should I be visiting their hometown. If you make an effort to mix, comment, read and write regularly the rewards are there and wow moments are just waiting to happen.

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11 replies on “Community Spirit is alive and well on HubPages – A Guest Post by Suzie HQ

  1. That is inspiring and wow! Now I know what to do with my old contact lens cases. I agree on all the reasons we stay on here. It is one of my most favorite online social media sites. I enjoy all the people I interact with on a daily basis and have gained so much knowledge and information from them all. Great story!

    1. I am so glad that you have met and learned from so many people through HubPages, Brenda Green. I have no doubt that they learn as much from you as you learn from them!

  2. Hub page is a consistently doing its business well. It’s spirit reaches beyond it’s thought. Create online portfolio and online earning is a growing concern in hub page. Thanks for great contributor.

  3. Excellent post. I do agree that the community is wonderful, and HubPages is a place that I’ll probably never be able to leave.

  4. Suzie, you are a great community member. I have read your hubs and learned so many things from you. You are a great team player. I’m very thankful to you for backlinking my hubs.

  5. Thank you for this post 🙂 It’s just so neat how one thing led to another with Suzie HQ and I. The whole thing turned out to be a very touching experience for me, much more than I ever expected! Suzie HQ is one fantastic lady.. that is for sure! Thank you again for sharing this.

  6. I like the communitity very much and this post also.We really can make goods friends here and learn a lot of things.

  7. Thank you everyone for posting such lovely comments! Simone, I appreciate you asking me to post this story and Jamie to you my friend . . . . what a inspiration you are! Turning a thought into something real and then posting it to me meant so much. I look at my little bling case and a smile is always guaranteed. Many thanks again to everyone here who has made me feel part of this wonderful community.

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