As part of our ongoing Topic Expansion Initiative, we’ve been expanding overcrowded Topics here on HubPages. Our latest expansions have focused on Family and Parenting, and we’d like to highlight some of the changes and improvements.

Family and Parenting covers everything from baby care to parenting teens. Our most popular Topics in Family and Parenting turned out to be Parenting Skills, Styles and Advice, Kids, and Teens, so we’ve put the most effort into fixing things up under those Topics. Here’s the comprehensive list of new Family and Parenting Topics:

Language Development and Laziness in Teens do not have links because they have not reached the Hub threshold to receive their very own Topic pages yet, which makes them a great choice to write about (You can still choose those Topics under the Hub Topic option when you create a new Hub).

Language Development and Laziness in Teens will get their own pages with just a few more Hubs, and since they aren’t very full, your Featured Hubs are sure to show up on the first page. The major changes in Family and Parenting are finished for the time being, though we may occasionally slip in a few more improvements. Stay tuned to hear about our ongoing progress elsewhere in the Topic Tree.

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2 replies on “Topic Spotlight: Family and Parenting

    1. Hi Relache, the reason that stay-at-home moms got their own category is that the parent Topic, Motherhood, was overcrowded with Hubs, and many of those Hubs were already about SAHMs. The Fatherhood Topic, on the other hand, didn’t have enough Hubs in it to make it a priority. The expansions may seem a little arbitrary, sometimes, but we’re basing it primarily on what’s popular and what overlooked subjects have lots of Hubs currently written on them. But you’re right, I think Stay-at-Home Dads would make a good addition to the Fatherhood Topic. I will create a new Topic for it. 🙂

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