Most of the online reviews we see address products and places, but service reviews can be just as useful, as more and more people are looking for information on experiences in addition to tangible products.

Most people include service reviews within reviews for a particular place (e.g. a restaurant or a spa), but this should not stop you from being more specific.

Don’t know what sort of services you might review? Here are some examples of titles for service reviews you might write:

  • Maid Service at [Hotel Name, City, Country]
  • My Child’s Experience with [Brand Name] Tutoring Services
  • Does [Brand / Person Name] Career Coaching Make a Difference?
  • A Review of the Customer Service at [X Store] in [X town]
  • Ballet Classes at [Studio Name]: A Review
  • Is [Person’s Name] a Good Massage Therapist?
  • Pilates Classes by [Instructor’s Name]: A Review
  • Personal Trainer Service at [Fitness Club Name] in [Town Name]
  • Are Ride Operators at [Theme Park Name] Safe?

As you can see, these are articles you might already be writing! The only difference between normal Hubs with these titles and Hubs that ‘officially’ offer reviews of services is that reviews devote a sufficient portion of the Hub to evaluating the service in question and include a Ratings Capsule showing a personal star rating.

A significant perk that comes with reviewing a service instead of a place or a product is that the competition is often less stiff. While nearly every store, service-rendering establishment, restaurant, and product is represented on at least one, if not multiple, review sites, analyses of the service aspect of their offerings are far less common.

One important point: Keep in mind that if you are reviewing a service provided by a particular person. It is imperative that you be professional and empathetic. The service provider in question is likely to come across your review, and it may significantly affect their reputation, so it is your responsibility to be fair, kind, honest, and objective. Be mature, be just, and remember that your online voice can be a very, very powerful thing.

Have we inspired you to review a service and submit your review Hub in the Rigorous Review Contest? Hurry!  The final deadline for entries is November 28th at 12:00pm PT.

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