While star ratings can make a review stand out in search results and add professional polish to the reviews themselves, they mean little if they are not paired with useful analysis and great images.

Original images of products, places, and services in a review make a huge difference. In addition to providing visual information about the subject in question, they make reviews infinitely more trustworthy by clearly demonstrating that the author has actually used the product, visited the place, or enjoyed the service.

Original images also add the same benefits to review Hubs that they add to all Hubs: they improve overall quality, keep people on the page longer, and show that you really care about your work and are willing to put in the effort needed to create the best online resource on a particular subject.

As the Rigorous Review contest progresses and as you submit various review entries, we strongly encourage you to include as many original photos in your work as possible. We would also love you to share the best photos you’ve used with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

You can do this by:

  • Stopping by our Facebook page and uploading your photo to our wall
  • Tweeting your photo with the hashtag #HubPagesReviewShot (and perhaps mentioning @HubPagesDotCom)
  • Sharing your photo on Google+ and mentioning +HubPages in your post

You can also email photos directly to me at Simone(dot)Smith(at)HubPages(dot)com!

I look forward to seeing your great review photos- and your Rigorous Review Contest entries! Stop by the official contest page for the entry requirements and rules.

Posted by:HubPages Admin

2 replies on “An Image Is Worth 1,000 Stars – Share Your Review Images With Us!

  1. Isn’t this attribution stripping. People can do what they like with their original photos, but they should be aware that some of these steps transfers ownership to HP or renders them public domain.

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