We love it when Hubbers collaborate with their friends and family when creating Hubs and have been delighted to see how many Hubbers collaborate when creating custom graphics for their Hubs as well.

MobyWho, for example, collaborated with her husband on her Hub Your imagination – it can kill you. Here is her backstory on the image’s creation:

In an effort to engage my 92-year-old husband, I asked him to draw me some cartoons for a recent post. Not only did he appreciate being included in my work, but he buckled right down and came up with two or three oeuvres.

Aren’t the resulting images fun?

Littlemirror also occasionally collaborates with family when creeating custom images for his Hubs, such as his health-oriented Hub No Smoking Please: Tobacco kills more than alcohol, drugs, traffic accidents, and AIDS.

Says littlemirror:

I asked my son-in-law to pose as a “model” like a smoker (though he is not smoking) and after we took some photos, my daughter Din-Din added a warning sign of skull that cigarettes kill.

I say these helpful images littlemirror created with his family definitely improve the polish, earnestness, and effectiveness of his Hub.

Hopefully these two examples will inspire you to tap into the talents of your own friends and family when creating custom graphics for your Hubs. When Hubbers team up with their loved ones, amazing things happen!

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