NettlemereAlthough we wound down our Hubbing space series earlier this week, we couldn’t help but post this latest photo sent in by Nettlemere. It reveals so much of what we love about Hubbers and their approaches to the Hubbing process!

Explains Nettlemere:

It is the product of an untidy mind, poor housekeeping skills, and an indication that I could be the laziest Hubber ever since – yes – that is my bed I Hub from. I moved my bed downstairs so that my elderly dog Nettle didn’t have to sleep alone once he couldn’t manage stairs anymore (that was five years ago! Nettle is still going strong). Some days I have to squish in between 3 dogs to write a Hub – it just depends where they have decided to crash out. But I wouldn’t be without their company when I write or without their gentle reminders that there is a world out there which wants to be walked in. The piles of slide boxes shout at one of my other enthusiasms – photography – which is an essential feature of my Hubs too. I’m in the process of scanning then all into my computer, but incapable of tackling the task logically or linearly.

The things Nettlemere shares in her Hubbing space photo represent several approaches shared across the HubPages community:

  1. A love of pets: Though her explanation, we discover the Nettlemere gets her HubPages username from her dog’s name. We’ve seen that many Hubbers are inspired by their canine companions and like to write Hubs in the company of their beloved pets. We love it!
  2. A habit of Hubbing in bed: Nettlemere isn’t alone in enjoying Hubbing from bed- I do the same thing, and bet many of us do. Hubbing makes for a great leisure activity, and we love that many Hubbers turn to our platform and community to wind down and explore a fresh, creative corner of their lives.
  3. A pinch of great creativity: That Nettlemere is slowly scanning her photos into digital formats into Hubs is excellent. It also reminds me that nearly every Hubber incorporates some sort of creative element into his or her Hubs, be it in the form of original sketches, great photos taken throughout one’s life, cool camera phone pictures, or beautiful graphs and diagrams.

Isn’t it fun to see how the things we share in common show up in the lives of others? Thanks for sharing your Hubbing space with us, Nettlemere. 🙂

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5 replies on “Hubbing with Pets

  1. I love it! I usually hub from my couch with my laptop on the coffee table. (Yeah, really great for my back!) My dog, Gizmo, is usually either on the couch or under the coffee table, and I generally have at least two of my six cats next to me on the couch. Sometimes, their demand for attention hinders my typing, but, oh, well! Gotta love ’em, huh?

    Great idea to scan all the photos. I have scanned a few old photos that I needed for hubs, but I need to do more–and then I need to organize the ones I’ve scanned!!!!

    Great post!

  2. Nice one… I love hubbing with my dog or if not with hubpages I write article about dogs which I submitted to a pet megazine, I always love attaching photos of my dogs

  3. That’s cute! I like to hub from the bed or couch sometimes, it’s the main purpose of my netbook as of late. I write with my two rats nearby in their cage – Patches and Gadget – but I couldn’t ever hub with them, per say. They never stop moving unless they are sleeping, and love chewing things (and don’t discriminate) – pillowcases, blankets, wires if they could. But they are cute little monsters, all the same.

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