Jill KostowI used to think that most people wrote Hubs in formal home offices, sitting in normal chairs in front of normal tables and surrounded by normal notes and books. I was wrong. If the Hubbing space series has taught me anything, it is that Hubbing takes place in all kinds of interesting places- from boats to bike paths to… kitchens! This is the case with JillKostow, who shared her cool Hubbing space with me last night. Here’s her description:

My Hubbing space is located in my busy kitchen right next to the refrigerator. I write most of my first drafts on notebook paper and then type it into the computer later when I am cooking or keeping one of my children company while they have a snack. This location also works best for me because I am able to hear my children while they are playing in the parlor or upstairs in their bedrooms. Hubbin’ Ain’t Easy most of the time with four children and our hectic schedules, but somehow I manage to find time for my writing and with luck it all falls into place!

It’s true that we don’t always have the luxury to sit down in a traditional office / writing spot, and I think it’s brilliant that so many Hubbers have found ways to write great Hubs despite very busy and active lifestyles.


As we bring the Hubbing Space series to a close, I’d like to share an image from one more Hubber: SkeetyD. This new mother and writer has the following to say about what might at first seem like a surprising Hubbing space:

This is my primary hubbing space. I usually start my Hubs on my blackberry. Typing out things that inspire me or random thoughts since I spend a lot of time of the road commuting.

SkeetyD is not alone in Hubbing on the go, as we’ve seen from many other Hubbers who have shared their awesome photos with us over the past two weeks.

What I love about SkeetyD’s photo is that it reminds us all that Hubbing is less about a physical space and more about a state of mind. We’ve found that true Hubbers are always Hubbing, whether they’re researching furniture, taking photos on vacation, riding a bike, or writing up drafts on one’s phone while commuting, as SkeetyD does (and as I do as well).

So long as you have a phone, camera, notepad, or even a good memory to record your thoughts and ideas, the world is your Hubbing space- and with the ability to share and earn from your passions and expertise online, we say the world is your oyster, too!

Big thanks to everyone who shared their awesome Hubbing spaces with us. You can find an album of all of the Hubbing Spaces sent directly to HubPages in the Hubbing Spaces Facebook album and on Google+.

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2 replies on “The World is Your Hubbing Space

  1. These hubbing spaces are cool. I almost sent mine, wish now I had. Thanks to everyone who shared theirs.

  2. I can’t be more thankful for these fellow hubbers’ brilliant ideas and determination to succeed no matter the circumstances.I face similar conditions ever since I first joined HP,the only difference is that I am still in college where I have numerous resources to tap into but somehow I am held back due to busy class schedules through out the semester.Surely we are only limited by our imaginations and not physical space as these wonderful people have shown.Once again, thanks for your stories.

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