Hubs are fascinating on their own, but there is also much to be said for the craft that goes into creating them, hence there is much to be learned from the methods different Hubbers use, not to mention the timeframes they follow, the habits they form, and yes, the places where they write.

The place where a person writes (or films, for that matter) can say a lot about that individual’s style, process, and personality, not to mention the content that he or she creates.

Where do you write your Hubs? On a window seat overlooking your backyard? At the local library or your favorite cafe? Or on the phone while you wait in line to buy groceries?

We would love to have a glimpse of where the Hubbing magic happens, so we invite you to share photos of these landscapes, nooks, and crannies with us through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and our blog.

Here’s how to join in:

  • On Facebook: Visit our Facebook page and select the “Photo/Video” option, then upload your Hubbing Space image, with a little description of the place and why it’s where you write Hubs
  • On Twitter: Share your photo with the hashtag #MyHubbingSpace (and feel free to mention @HubPagesDotCom)
  • On Google+: Upload a photo and description of your Hubbing space and be sure to tag +HubPages
  • If you would like us to share your space on our blog and Facebook album: Email Simone.Smith (at) with the photo and some background on the space that we can share along with it

When we get a decent number of photos emailed to us, we’ll share them in another post! I’m quite looking forward to seeing where it is that you create your fabulous Hubs!

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10 replies on “Share Your Hubbing Space!

  1. I Tweeted my Hubbing Space. I use my grandmother’s writing desk which is in front of a big picture window. The hummingbird feeder hangs out front and those little guys are so entertaining. I have a bog tree out front and that makes me happy and inspired.

  2. Interestingly, I tried to get a thing like this going a while ago via the ‘status update’ on Hubpages but nobody took me up on it! So, delighted to join in here. I’ve gone bonkers and tweeted, google+’d, facebooked and emailed mine!

    Is it possible to be too enthusiastic?

    I’m enjoying seeing other folk’s writing places. 🙂

    1. Austin, you’ve got one of the coolest Hubbing spaces ever. Thanks so much for sharing it!
      And parwatisingari, that sounds like an amazing place to create Hubs- and I, too, love to write Hubs when on the road. It’s the best!

  3. As a writer, this post has inspired me to join hubpages & soon share my space (just moved, still unpacking!). Keep up the good work!

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