Six months ago, around 30 Hubbers embarked on an epic online writing journey, forging a path on HubPages that would shape the experience of many Hubbers to come. This team of Hubbers, which goes by the name Scribe Tribe, started out as a secret beta team and helped us refine what became the HubPages Apprenticeship Program. As the first Apprenticeship team, the Scribe Tribe taught us as much as we taught them!

Today those who made it through the rigorous Apprenticeship Program  for six months in a row are graduating, and we would like to celebrate their significant achievement! Though it is already no small feat to publish a minimum of eight high quality Hubs every month (while also going through lessons and helping out fellow team members), yet many Scribe Tribe team members consistently exceeded the program’s requirements, going above and beyond with truly stellar Hubs and even themed challenges to rally the group and make the online writing process all the more creative and fun.

Allow me to present those who crossed the finish line:

Bravie to this year’s first graduating class! Collectively, all Hubbers who started in the Scribe Tribe team have created over 1,150 Hubs, and the graduates alone have published over 950. Considering that these Hubs are all longer than 500 words, contain only original and legally used images, and incorporate the best practices shared in our Learning Center (and more), they shall continue to do quite well over the coming months and years, helping these Hubbers gain more readership, coverage, and yes, ad earnings. 😉

Also congratulations to the two Hubbers in this team who won Hubbie Awards:

If you would like to apply to the Apprenticeship Program, read through the program’s qualifying requirements, then apply through the Apprenticeship tab in My Account. Participating in the Apprenticeship Program is a great way to develop a strong online brand and portfolio, and we recommend it to anyone who would like to kick their online content career up a notch.

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41 replies on “Congrats to Our First Class of Apprenticeship Grads!

  1. Congratulations to all of the trailblazers! I see many hub friends in the list. I can’t wait to be on the virtual stage with you all. I love the apprenticeship program and I am learning so much.

  2. Sincere Congratulations to all members of the Scribe Tribe. Love the name by the way. A real inspiration to all hubbers.

    Can’t wait to see the new Graduate Accolade,


  3. Congratulations. You all were test pilots kinda’ and I appreciate you helping to create as well accomplish task as a Hubpages Apprentice. Some I know, some I don’t, yet as person seeking to learn and grow, I say I am proud of each and everyone of you. And, I have written down your names, so don’t run if’n I come knocking on your door with a question – smile.

    Mitch to my friends

  4. Congratulations! My new goal with hubpages is to also become an apprentice, can any of you graduates provide any tips or feedback on what it takes to succeed in the program? Thank you.

  5. Congratulations to the graduating class! I am already picking up some tips just by reading some of your hubs. Good work! When I have the time to commit, hope to join your ranks someday.

  6. Congrats, to all the participants! I can just dream of being part of it, lol. Would love to hear about your experience with this program. 🙂

  7. Congrats Scribe Tribe! You are our inspiration. I have been part of the AP and our team is called HubBuds and we are in our third month. It truly has been a rewarding experience and hats off to the pioneers.

  8. A heartfelt congratulatons to all, especially to Shanna11. I am a devoted fan of her wonderfully informative hubs.

  9. Congratulations to Scribe Tribe! Our team has just crossed the halfway mark (in month four). Thanks for being the beta testers for this wonderful program – here’s to continued upward momentum in readership from here on out!

  10. Great Going Scribe Tribe! I know this is not an easy task. I hope I make it to the end as I know it is well worth the hard work. Congratulations to all of you.

  11. Congrats to the first graduating class!!! I think it’s a wonderful accomplishment, and I hope all of your hubs are successful.

  12. Wonderful news! I hope this is just the start of brilliant writing careers for all of you 😀

    Fingers crossed I shall also be graduating in just under two months.

    ~Kaz x

  13. Congrats to all, I’m considering taking the plunge myself. I will be stalking some of you to get pointers and assistance..I can’t wait to meet and greet with you!

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