As the HubPages team of HubGreeters continues to reach out to our newest community members, members often discover particularly promising newbies. One such newbie is NC4Life078, spotted recently by Haunty. Because NC4Life078 only has a handful of Hubs so far and is relatively new to our site, Haunty did us the favor of interviewing this multifarious Hubber. Read on to meet a man who has used HubPages to improve his writing- and his life!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your studies and hobbies?

Hi everyone, my name’s Nic. I am currently 23 years old, turning 24 this year. I had just finished my first year of school at Shawnee State University. It is located in southern Ohio, but, any more south it would be Kentucky. I am still undecided on a major; I thought it would be easier to choose after graduating from high school, but, unfortunately it isn’t. There are so many great things to learn about in the world, how do you choose just one? Currently, I’m thinking of pursuing a dual major in sociology and business with a concentration in marketing. As for my hobbies, I tend to dabble in this and that. I’m always looking to try something new and challenging, mentally and physically. Yet, you will most likely see me riding my motorcycle, snowboarding, or you won’t see me at all as I will be playing a video game.

What brought you to HubPages and what has been your experience so far?

What brought me to HubPages was the opportunity to earn some passive income. I enjoy writing in my spare time and learning new things. That is the great thing about HubPages and writing in general; you are able to write about anything. HubPages is a great place to receive feedback on your material, this in turn betters you as a writer and an individual.

You have very impressive Hubs about honing one’s survival skills. Have you ever been in a tough situation?

I learned many survival skills while I was in the United States Marine Corps. Although I am no longer in, the skills I have acquired are very beneficial to me as well as the community. Being in a tough situation is strictly a matter of opinion, what is “tough” to me may not be “tough” to some. I dislike “tooting my own horn” so to speak, so this question is impossible for me to answer directly.

Riding your motorcycle is one of your passions. Can you tell us a little about that?

I learned how to ride a motorcycle in Oceanside, California while I was stationed at Camp Pendleton for a short time. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had. Yet, I was unable to purchase my own until several years later. Since then, I have put on fifteen thousand miles, most generated within the first year. I am a bit of an adrenaline junky, so I enjoyed riding southern California’s (SoCal’s) most challenging roads.

You’ve had an interesting forum thread about challenging ourselves to go beyond our limitations in writing. Can you share some ideas here? Have you undertaken any personal challenges yet?

Despite my thread, I am for and against challenges. The reason being is that sometimes the challenge can take the joy out of writing. For example, I had undergone the 30 in 30 in which I made it to about Hub number twelve. Why you may ask? Because at that point I felt as if writing was a chore. My advice is that you write for the love of writing when you want to. Eventually, you will accomplish your goals. But, some challenges can enhance your writing, like writing at least “Blank” amount of words. I have also undergone writing in an area I’m not familiar with (writing a story/novel). Yet, I am unsure I will publish it on HubPages despite my thirst for feedback.

You’ve also shared some of your pretty amazing poetry. What inspires your poems?

I used to write poetry when I was younger to express my emotions, yet I no longer do. I never really intended to write it when I had. It usually came to me as I was talking to friends on AOL Instant Messenger back in the day. From that point it turned into my scapegoat, much like one’s diary I suppose. Writing is a great way to express yourself, I truly enjoyed creating a colorful image through the use of words.

What’s in store for those who choose to follow you around on HubPages? What is your favorite topic to Hub on?

I don’t want to promise my readers anything more than quality Hubs. I tend to write upon a wide array of topics which reflect my personality. I enjoy being able to write about the things I experience, this is why I admire books by Neil Strauss. You may or may not like his material, but, it is admirable how he indulges in what he is writing about. A wise man once told me “take what you like about a person and utilize it to better yourself” with that you will become who you want to be. I try to reflect on this approach when writing. If you follow me on HubPages I guarantee you will learn something new and be entertained in the process.

You’ve already written two Hubbing guides to help new Hubbers to a quick and effective start. If you could give one piece of advice to every newbie on HubPages, what would that be? Beside reading your Hubs, of course.

My advice to the new Hubbers is to not force yourself to write. You don’t have to write a Hub every day, write when you want to. I would also say to keep your mind open to topics you might not have considered before. My wife had told me to write about making a Bug Out Bag, which I discarded because of its popularity and high competition. About a month later I gave into the idea, ironically that Hub won a Hub Nugget and a Hub of the Day. If I hadn’t listened to her, it never would have happened.

In other words, if you’re passionate about a topic, write about it. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

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