5692051_177We’re always excited to see our Hubbers succeed, so I was pleased as punch to hear from AEvans about some of her HubPages-related accomplishments.  Are you also a fan of inspiring HubPages success stories and learning from the success of your fellow Hubbers? You may very well enjoy reading about AEvans cool projects and successes in the interview below, in which this Hubber (and volunteer Greeter) shares how her Hubs are making their way into plays and the Library of Congress.  AEvans reveals that passion, an open mind, and a willingness to learn can take one very far indeed!

When you first came to HubPages, what were your ambitions? Have these aspirations evolved over time?

Interesting question. I have always been ambitious and when I set my mind to achieve any goal, I accomplish it. When I came to HubPages, I was determined to have my voice heard. I honestly was not concerned if the topics I wrote about created traffic, it was about honing in on my skills. Overtime I have accelerated, taking all that I have learned and every e-mail that critiques my writing to another level. I am never offended when someone finds a grammar error or a misspelled word, I just edit and correct.

One of your poems, which was originally published on HubPages, is going into the Library of Congress. Could you tell us more about the poem and how it is making it into this prestigious place?

The poem “Freedom” was written while we resided in Redondo Beach, California on Memorial Day. It was written in a notebook in 2003, a couple years after 09/11. The inspiration of the poem came from all of the men and women who sacrifice their lives, for our freedom. Many people will never get an opportunity to roll their toes through the sand or even smell an Ocean.

A person had contacted me via e-mail after reading a Hub that I wrote, which also included the poem. He said that I should submit my poem to the World Poetry Movement, he said he was never able to be a finalist; but he said I should try since the poem represented who all of us are or feel in this country. I submitted the poem without any anticipation and received the letter that my poem was 1 of 16 finalists in the contest. Upon reading the letter in its entirety my poem is being published in the prestigious book titled “Stars in Our Hearts” Library of Congress ISBN 978-1-60880-123-7.

Another Hub you wrote has led to you being credited in a play. Could you tell us more about that?

Yes I can. A small production company called Holson Productions first contacted via HubPages through a comment on a Hub and asked if they could use my letter in a play they are creating for mothers. I read the response, deleted and sent them an e-mail. Retaining all of my copyrights for the letter on HubPages, they will be using “A Love Letter to My Mother” in their play, giving credits to me for my work and words. I will keep all of you updated on the project.

Plays and poems aside, could you tell us about your literary projects? We hear you’re writing a book, and that another of your Hubs is already its way to print.

Yes, I am writing a book and I am excited! A family contacted me via e-mail after reading two Hubs about drunk driving. Their granddaughter was killed in 2006 when a drunk driver hit the family van, turning into church. I will share the rest once the book is published. The HubPages community will be the first to know about it.
Josie Varga writes about life-after-death experiences, angels, and all that represents spirituality and divine intervention. She contacted me and asked if my Hub, “Close Encounters of a Heavenly Kind” could be placed in her book. Her book going into print in July is a compilation of stories, where people have encountered Angels. I retained all of my copyrights; but my voice will be heard and that is a blessing.

What is it that brought you from being a novice online writer to someone who has achieved so many accomplishments? What advice can you give to fellow Hubbers with high aspirations?

I believe I am still novice. There is so much more to learn. All of us make grammar error and typos, if a person believes there writing is perfect, honestly it is not. Many of us put our fingers before our brains; low and behold there can be mistakes. Just the other day, I found a grammar error on MSNBC and they run all of their work through editors.
What I can tell every Hubber with high aspirations is, “believe in yourself, never let anyone get you down, listen when someone critiques and ignore when someone bullies.”

When you are ready to give up on HubPages, don’t! Writing on many sites this is the only site where people have contacted me and asked if they could use my Hubs. I also have not one but two contracts to write content for companies. Hang in there and believe. Have questions? Ask and hold on, your time will come and you will achieve all that you have hope for in the writing world.

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8 replies on “An Inspiring Success Story from AEvans

  1. Wonderful, inspirational interview about a very gifted and talented writer. I like the advice she gave us at the end.

  2. WOW! This is so wonderful to see. I am inspired. I am honored that a member of our community has her work going to the Library of Congress. That is outstanding.
    Congratulations on your progress AEvans. You are the quintessential Hubber and we all can learn from you. 🙂

  3. One of my favorite hubbers Simone. Great to see AE getting the credit she so rightly deserves, she is a hubber who takes time to share and get to know others. She has spiritual, philosophical, humorous and literary insights, all of which are worth taking note of. And on a personal shout out, she is a local area Phoenix based writer, gotta love the whole package. Great blog post SS. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

  4. Great interview! Congratulations on your achievements and much continued success for the future!

    Thank you for the encouragement to fellow writers and tips for success. ~h~

  5. Beautifully written Simone and there are many who are thankful for giving them hope. Hubpages as made all of it possible! 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Julianna! I am very pleased to see all the success that is coming your way. You have such a wonderful attitude towards it all and such a wonderful spirit. I wish you all the luck in the world!

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