The new profile page design we previewed back in May can now be seen on HubPages Staff Profiles. Here is a quick look:

Simone Smith's profile

As you can see, there are some new additions to the new profile design we originally displayed. Along with some slightly different styles and colors, you’ll notice that the profile has a cool background. Indeed, you will be able to choose one of several fun backgrounds for your HubPages profile- or upload an image to create a nifty background of your own.

You will also notice that a collection of Featured Hubs lies at the center of the profile. These are Hubs that you can hand-select and switch out at will. This section of the new profile design is a great place for you to showcase your best work, especially if you use your profile as a portfolio to present to friends, family, and potential clients.

You will soon be given the option to transition your existing profile to the new design. As with questions on subdomain, the transition will be opt-in only for several weeks, after which the change will be rolled out site wide. In preparation for access to this nifty new profile, be sure to queue up links to your social media profiles, update your bio, select some Hubs you might like to feature, and consider which sort of background you might like to use or upload!

To see the new profile in action across different profiles and styles, check out the following Hubbers on the HubPages team:

We can’t wait to see what you do with the new format!

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22 replies on “New Profile Design on Staff Pages

  1. It looks nice, as long as people choose classy looking backgrounds. My eyes did feel a little unable to track as I scrolled with the background staying stationary.

  2. This is awesome!

    Can’t wait for another week to use it on my own profile page.

    Thanks for the BIG effort. Kodus to you all!!! 😀

  3. Love the new Profile Design. Love to have Featured Hubs and links to social media profiles on the Profile page. Thanks a ton to the HubPages Team. You Guys Rock!!!

  4. I HATE the way the author’s hubs are ALL presented in a running list! It makes it impossible to scroll to the bottom of the page for the footer information, becuase when you get there, it just loads more of the list.
    That’s fine if someone has only written a dozen hubs, but what of the authors who have hundreds, or thousands? Who’s going to sit still for that, trying to get to, for example, the “about us” link for Hub Pages itself.
    Is this just a way to do like all the other corporations, and try to AVOID contact with anyone–keep everyone at a distance by various tricks to make finding the contact information difficult? You’ve already done that to some extent by removing the ‘help’ link, and burying it in the FAQ’s (yeah–I found it–after several minutes wasted in searching!)
    You’ve made it HARDER, not easier, for readers to search for hubs on particular topics, or by particular hubbers. Just as people won’t search past about page 3 on a search engine, they are not going to scroll through lists of hundreds of hubs looking for something that piques their interest.
    I think this change is a bad design in many ways.

  5. The new profile page design looks cool with a lot of useful and classy features. Can’t wait to get going.
    Kudos for bringing out regular improvements.

  6. YES!!! Customized backgrounds for those of us using branding images to market ourselves. I also like the way folks can access the list of followers, those I’m following and fan mail.

    The recent images section is a neat idea, too.

    I do have to agree with Liz about the way the author’s hubs are presented in a list that keeps loading. I dislike that with FB news feed and REALLY dislike it for HP. I have NO clue how to search through the author’s hubs without scrolling down the whole list, which is overwhelming. Hope that gets changed to something more user-friendly before it’s released site-wide.

    All-in-all: Nicely done.

  7. I can’t wait to use this feature! Thank you for always continuing to move HubPages forward. As part of the HP community, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  8. I feel thoroughly confused. I go away for 3 or 4 days, and now the whole profile format is changed? What are we supposed to do? I find there are too many changes to keep up with, especially for the majority of us who write on several sites including our own. I don’t even know where to start.

    1. Hello Jean! You don’t have to do anything now. When the new profile design is available to Hubbers, it will at first be op-in only, so you can make the switch when you feel ready. 😀

  9. I’m with others in not liking the endlessly loading list of Hubs. I like the existing version, where I can see at a glance the broad topics a Hubber writes about.

    I’d also make a plea to retain the “Search content by…” box. Say I know you’ve written a Hub about introverts – how do I find it, if there’s no search box? The main HubPages search is not always as accurate as the profile search.

  10. I agree with several above above who do not care for the new feed look. I agree it takes to much time to scroll through the hubs. I like the old look, allot better. At a glimpse of the eye the reader can spot multiple hubs. My humble opinion. Thanks, skye2day

  11. I’m still thoroughly confused, or perhaps I’m missing something…Where exactly do we go to ‘opt-in’ for this new profile?
    Is it now even available to us lowly hubbers? 😉

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