There is a lot of bad SEO (search engine optimization) advice out there, and the use of automated services to procure backlinks to your Hubs is one particularly egregious example. Using services to get backlinks can result in your Google AdSense and/or HubPages account permanently banned. No, we are not joking, and once you lose your AdSense and HubPages accounts, you can never get them back.

We strongly suggest focusing on crafting a search-friendly title as the only SEO strategy you should follow. Please read this Learning Center entry on how to do that.

If you want to promote your Hubs safely, and not run aground of Google’s or HubPages’s rules, you can read this guide.

Focus on a search-friendly title, and exceptionally good content, and backlinks will build naturally on their own. If you’d like to see the sort of high-quality Hubs that do exactly that, have a look at our archive of Hub of the Day winners.

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